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If everything that
Existed didn't exist
There would be nothing
In the end
The heart knows its way
And when my life begins to fade
My love for you
Will fade like
Summer's green leaves
To brilliant colors
And my fruit will be
The most abundant and sweetest ever
Before it falls to earth
Leaving me with branches bare
And nothing left to reach for
But heaven
One of those people
Who you think you'll see again
But you never do
In the shade where it's cool
A little stream ran
Making its way
Over pebbles and sand.
Forget-me-nots blue
Were growing nearby
Scattered like stars
On a grassy, green sky.

One evening in August
We stood there in silence,
Lost in our thoughts
As the water rushed on.
In time, we discussed
The forget-me-nots
And how they had lasted
All summer long.
They do last
Early Autumn chill
Feelings of summer passing
Where did they all go?
Low 40's this morning
The graveyard is large
With many empty spaces
Waiting to be filled
Watch the leaves flicker
See the story of your life
The past and future
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