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orangangkasa Mar 2016
it is you it really was
if I had no doubt and pause
my eyes could have linger
a little while longer
Sort of like continuation of That Shirt
orangangkasa Mar 2016
in the mind of my own
leisurely I walk alone
the sun beat down my face
instantly I quicken my pace
eyes on the ground then divert
and are locked on that shirt
when the hands moved I saw art
that somehow felt close to heart
it looked so you... you know
heart says yes but head says no
shook my head as I turned right
mouth curved up to fake delight
Someone I used to close with is no longer close. That someone is always in my thought so severe that I keep seeing that someone when in fact it was someone else. I regret the day I denied my thought of seeing that someone when it was truly that someone I saw.
orangangkasa Sep 2015
Looking like highness from a distance,
All dressed in diamonds, mouth shut in silence,
Sitting still but judged in an instant,
To most people often seems distant,
Be mistaken of showing defiance,
"Quiet is creepy", a false reliance,
Nothing to offer even violence,
What's the problem with staying silent?
For those people who thought all the bad things about introverts who don't say much
orangangkasa Sep 2015
With gentle cheeky smiles and cheery cheers,
You endeared yourself to your deary dears,
My jealousy rose up like the towering tiers,
of classic wedding cake infused with beers,
Drunk even more in love without you here,
Us becoming strangers made me shed tears,
Somehow your babbling is a delight to hear,
But you're getting far away, not even near.

— The End —