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Courage you need
Speaking truth
Difficult to swallow
Often so bitter
It shakes their nerves
Fumbles their tongues
Explanations difficult
Denying truth
A vanguard of a hundred lies
Fails to safeguard those
Engulfed in fire of truth
So hatred and enmity take birth
Threatening life speaking truth
Courage you need
Speaking truth
Speaking truth, I snap it
On the face it belongs
I daily see artificially glowing skins
Parched though underneath
They don't find safe haven
When truth is spoken about them
Fear psychosis surrounds some
Strangely they act and harm
Courage you need
Speaking truth
Why I speak truth
My transparency doesn't absorb it
Gloss of my consciousness
Reflects it
Snaps it on the face
Belonging to it
Courage you need
Speaking truth!
Safana Jul 2020
If, I were Indian
I would be A. P. J.
descendant son
          And, to  be
          Gandhi's legatee

To marry a young
Nigerian senorita, to
give birth a pretty
And beautiful baby

To copy all I imitated
From my fore fathers
To lead Nigeria and, to
revolutionize the nation

To grow more than
Russia and to be
Like Saudi Arabia
Avery Glows Jun 2018
Why o why, must you hate so endearingly?
Must you find reasons to hate, do you not find that futile?
Why is that that we must hate, when our time to love is finite.
Why mustn't we love, even when in hate
knowing, it is love amidst the loathing.
April 2018
Mane Omsy Sep 2017
Attitudes, can I change theirs?
Yes, they told
I ripped their souls with words
Did I change?
Not yet, they are still criminals
They rob people on their roads
They **** for wealth, properties

What should I do? Report?
That would be so polite of you
So legal and peaceful
Will I get immediate response
Sure, within two or three
Two or three what?
Years, they said

I might do it myself, next time
I said
Then you’re among them
I think, correction, I believe
They are among them too
Yeah, could be
Are you?
No, no. I like justice against crimes
But, it’s just crime
People need better police services. Criminals get protection instead of for people. Innocent lives get killed and the murderers are being sent to jail. These jails have made cops and criminals more closer than the ordinary people. When justice is announced in the courts, it becomes a positive jury for the suspects. They don't deserve an extra ordinary life hurting innocents. Millions of cases still on hold because of the friendship between high officials and notorious criminals. This must end some day.
Kalyana Apr 2017
I once wished every bad to come your way,
after those lies and untruths you said about me.
Then I learned that the sky's deaf for bad prayers,
and after all these years, I think about forgiveness.

I thought you deserved to sink into the deepest hell
for your betrayal; your heart alone was one sickly well.
Yet as I looked at these tired wrinkled hands, I knew,
this hatred wouldn't last if I had my trust renewed.

How the pain repeatedly told me to avenge you,
after one and another shame you put me through.
But my son’s laughter turned this thought to me;
“Will this bitter enmity become my sole legacy?”

I may not be ready to invite you for a tea,
or to drive you to your daughter's wedding.
I'd rather say, I don't hate you as much as I did,
so don't be a stranger the next time we meet.

I wish you well with whatever good you do.
With a lighter heart, my life will be fine too.
J Nc May 2016
Once upon a time, a woman was picking up firewood. She came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. She took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit her on the cheek. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, "Why have you done this to me?" And the snake answered, "Look, *****, you knew I was a snake."
Based on one of Aesop's fables. This was told by the old Indian to Mickey and Mallory while they were tripping ***** on shrooms.
Aesop:"Did you not know that there is enmity and natural antipathy between your kind and mine? Did you not know that a serpent in the *****, a mouse in a bag and fire in a barn give their hosts an ill reward?"
Simon Obirek May 2014
the world is our enmityville
don't bother trying to catch that bus,
the driver won't stop for you.

hissing telephone wires
noisy tea kettles
the lonely ******
you hear through your wall.

people bringing you down
people getting the best of you
funny how saints are born
once they've run out of sins.

this is enmityville
where neither life nor death
seems appealing.

— The End —