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Sadie Grace Jan 23
seems so selfless
how could it be just to keep me from exploding from guilt?
turns out forgiveness is for the offender
there is no comfort for the victim
except a way forward
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2021
his hobbies include
                          invisible girls
                     bubble wrapped
              shielding their eyes from the sun
                        up the side of his mountain
holding fast to the cable
                                  and the eventual terror of drawing
                     paper moons
                         framed a bit too
                         these out of sightlines
                                    opaque and cobwebbed
                               screening off
                       his ***** little secrets
Tony Tweedy Apr 2019
There once was a very fine cat called Flick.
A more respected cat there has never been.
Well groomed, very proud and much admired.
Flick was well educated and some would say both wise and smart.
So well admired and trusted that even fish looked up to him.
Now Flick ran a local school which offered very specialized classes.
Adult fish would drop their hatch-lings off to learn from Flick.
So many hatch-lings were trusted to Flick's care.
For many years and generations hatch-lings came and went.
Flick's prestige and adoration growing as the years passed.
Then one day....
A former hatch-ling... much older and somewhat troubled by life,
spoke out aloud of his time at Cat Flick School and of how the Cat Flick upon the hatch-lings was Fed A Pile.
By any standard all the fish agreed... such is a Cardinal sin.
Àŧùl Nov 2016
Then that deity is definitely a maniac!
A *** offender!
As the real almighty,
Wants you to stretch upwards,
And pluck the stars for your loved ones.
If your deity wants you to bend,
And also promises women in heaven,
Then convert to a different faith,
As for your present faith, it's the end.
Read about a really ******* faith that carries the tag of religion.

HP Poem #1233
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —