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Farewell to these last days on Earth,
For I must heed this song,
To see the stars before the end,
My friend, you must go on.

Perhaps in distant memories,
I promised I would stay,
But my legacy now called me,
I have to go away.

The trees, my friend, they say adieu,
I believe deep down they know,
The sun has faded once again,
It's time for me to go.

Now close your eyes and picture this,
The sun, the stars, the sky,
A vast and infinite ocean,
Where our souls forever lie.

Do not fear for my life, my friend,
Do not call this goodbye,
We always knew we'd see the end,
And it's not hard to die.

I'll see you when I'm home, my friend,
The stars fade into dawn,
For we are only sleeping,
We are never truly gone.
Tai Roberts Oct 19
You thought that time was poetry,
Gifting each and every day.
But now the soft wind gently calls,
These leaves of life have blown away.

You thought goodbyes were poetry,
Just how the stars fade into dawn.
But they are only sleeping,
And are never really gone.

But maybe death was poetry,
And perhaps you’ve lived enough.
Farewells don’t need to mean the end,
And you’ll finally rest above.

So perhaps this was all poetry,
It’s not always bad to die.
Your dawn is finally breaking,
It is time to say goodbye.
Tai Roberts Oct 14
Goodbyes are for people
Who are prepared
to let go.
But we were never ones
For accepting the truth.
My friend,
We are going to sit here
And watch the sunrise,
One last time.

— The End —