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will Aug 28
roaming the streets up late at night,
we kept walking even if its dark.
just followed what feels right,
even if we didn't know where to go.

i remember we're laughing
romanticizing the years,
falling in love and getting drunk,
now im 18 and im terrified.

uncertain about the future
as we long for summer to come back
spent our time distracting ourselves
because we can't be kids again
Even if I have months before turning 18, I have this realization of how turning 18 is a sort of ritual. Where we are stuck in the middle of a transition from being a kid to an adult. This is also the time where responsibilities pile up, where I just wish I was a kid again.
will Mar 20
who holds my hand, as we sway
while the grass touches our feet
as we smile into the end of days

longing, waiting, for you to come
hug me, as we dance the night away
will Jun 2020
when the drought is over
poured everything on to it
it smelled like the steam of hot soil
petrichor, you said
will Feb 2020
‪i just saw the venus shine‬
‪funny, how it reminded me of you‬
‪i keep trying and trying‬
‪forgetting you is so hard‬
‪i know i should ‬
‪but how?‬
‪i could only avoid you‬
‪not see you‬
‪but the way you move‬
memories with you
‪your smile—i just can’t‬

‪drafted texts asking how you’ve been‬
‪wishing i could see you‬
‪it’s midnight and you’re still in my head‬
‪nostalgia is creeping in‬
‪missing you, *******‬
‪regretting the things that i haven’t told you‬
‪i wish i was brave enough,‬
‪for you‬
originally posted this on a lofi vid in yt lol
will Aug 2019
time passes
it starts to decay
how this’ll be the end

this heart of yours
slowly disintegrate
into nothing

sunken feelings
heavy thoughts

let it go
you’ll be back
will Jun 2019
even if we just left everything from here
everything's not the same
the same as we used to be
everything's not the same
like those butterflies we see in spring
everything's not the same
even if we can't accept it
everything's not the same
we've grown
everything's not the same
we used to laugh
everything's not the same
we wish it was
will May 2019
kissed you in the grass of march,
as i wrapped my hands around your waist,
i can feel you glow
radiating the moon's light
maybe we could lie down
and let the world go fast forward
let's stay the night
as we doze off into the stars, into the galaxy
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