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Viseract Mar 2020
Forgive me Father, for I must sin
So I can suppress this demon within!


Urges that surge, crawl on my skin
Lifting the corners and forcing a grin
All that you've done, and all of this pain
Now is the time, take it away!


Eyes grow wider as the nights grow colder
Vengeance my master, I am it's soldier
Forcing this karma, I'm coming for you
Karma I am, and I will pursue!


I said when we met that you best be prepared
Loyal to me have no need to be scared
But cross that line, one last time,
And up comes the beast with this rage in my eyes!

So demonic
You've been blind, to all that I've asked
Shuddering breath, you'll draw your last!

No Such Roses, Phoenix...use this wisely
Cerasium Dec 2018
Be still thy beating heart
For the damage will fade
It may be deafening now
But time heals all wounds

The darkness you feel
will surely brighten
The anger that burns
will surely dim

Be gentle thy sorrowed chest
For the pain is but nigh
Peace will find you swiftly
If only you rest a while

Though now it feels
Like the heart was ripped
Straight out of your swollen chest
Rest assured it was only a flicker

A flicker of love that was doused
With the waters of rejection
The pain will slowly dissipate
If only you let it heal

Be swift thy healing words
For soon it might be too late
For if this damaged heart remain
Surely the beating will stop
AnxiousOcean May 2018
Don’t cry
Do not water the flowers
I will just hit the sack
and I will never go back
Thy smile shall be ever left unseen
But kept with me,
Are the memories that we have been
Bless me with peace as I rest
For I never felt it in my quest
Sorry that this has to end
Close the door and let me ascend
My friend,
Let the flowers bend

Don’t cry
Do not rage a storm
For I’ll be taking steps alone
Go yell for the sun’s perfect tone
I will leave
Please don’t grieve
I’ll bring with me the scars you gave
Please just lend me one last wave
Burn all of my past
Leave them all with a blast
Please make my path easier
Just allow the storm to falter

Don’t cry
Do not flood the whole world
You may now remove your mask
And throw your lies in the dusk
I know you wanted this to happen
I know you wanted me to go
Do not ever regret
As you must never forget
You knew I couldn’t swim
Part the flood into a stream
And for the very last time
Save those droplets of dime
Don’t cry, don’t cry.
I really hope you'd all get my message.
Yonwato Feb 2018
To not cry is a blessing and a curse
A blessing 'cause it hides your pain
A blessing' cause it shields your grief
But most of all, it is a curse
One that boxes up your emotions
One that leaves you defenseless
One that denies you allayment to grieve
One that let's you seem so strong when you're weak
One that leaves devastatingly flustered.
The kind of mixed feelings you get from the frozen tears that never falls is one that leaves you overshadowed by darkness.
Zero Nine Oct 2017
the acid talk really put me onto you
the specifics did it. precision cement.
the way you fill the silence, violently
**** victim defender. defender of what?
if you stuck to one version of your rules
you'd hear your disgusting tongue, you
would taste what you say and purge

you were in so many places at once
you touched the stars. drank in bars.
according to your true story account
the child soldier. soldiered psych wards.
for all that i know, i know no more truth
i know, i know, i know i let you in but i
can't truly know such an obvious liar
nor believe it in my core that you're a friend

what do you want from me?
the steel trap that memorized my paychecks
what do you want from me?
the cancer factory that steals all my class A's
what do you want from me?
what do you want?

your verse your version
infects my art

never have i ever been so tempted to spend
money over the internet

much too much too
everyone knows one
i made a bad habit out of knowing too many
Lavina Akari May 2016
death is my mortal enemy,
for he takes all that i love and leaves me all alone.
but today he is my best friend,
for he is taking me, too
i welcome him.
It has been fifteen years
Since that dark and gloomy day
We as a nation were attacked
Nothing but total turmoil in every way
Thousands sadly lost their lives
There were painful hearts
Some people woke up to mass confusion
Before their day was about to start
This is a moment that we will not forget
We will continue on in our lives
We cannot hide in the shadows
Just move forward towards the light
Time will continue to march on
In spite of darkness
We must lift ourselves upward
And make our own sunshine and happiness
Po Aug 2016
Grieve, my child, grieve
Let the sea of bitterness
Flow from your eyes
And wet your cheeks
Let it turn into droplets of frustrations

Grieve my child, grieve
Embrace the pain
Feel the pang that stings
Like the ***** of a needle
Stabbing you a thousand times

Grieve, my child, grieve
Until there's nothing left
To grieve
Until there's no pain left
To feel
When I first learned how to read
When I got wounds and bruises
When other students bullied me
When my friends turned their backs on me
When I fell in love and got my first broken heart
My birthdays, recognitions, graduations, and family days
these are some of the times
When I needed a hug,
a pat in the back,
my Superman,
a Doctor,
A best friend
Someone to say "Congratulations! and i am proud of you."
Someone who is my father
But you were not even there.
It seems like you don't care.
I don't have enough courage to tell this to him so I just wrote a poem for him. I just wanna tell him that all I need is for him to tell me that he loves me and give me a little importance. Is that too much to ask? I love you Pa, but I am hurt.

— The End —