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Yonwato 5d
If I die young, do not mourn me.
Throw me a party
Wear bright colours to my funeral,
Make it a festival.
The world was dark enough,
Make my exit bright.
Yonwato Jun 9
My heart yearns for you,
You who broke it.
It's pieces seek your words just to mend them.
My mind drifts away, searching for you.
But all they find is pain when they find you.
Yonwato Nov 2020
And though we're far apart,
My heart belongs to you.
Yonwato Oct 2020
A walk through the journey of life,
taking a stroll on the beach side
Looking into oblivion as the sea meets the sky
The dark of nights engulfs my soul
poisoning my mind and raising questions.

"Who am I?"
"What do I stand for?"
"Do I have a purpose?"

The questions echo in my head,
the darkness mocks me with silence
and then it struck me.
My existence was never  meant to be.
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