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Yonwato Mar 2022
For nights like this,
Give me something strong to drown it all
Yonwato Nov 2021
There's a sort of tension between us.
It isn't love,
It isn't lust.
We're both damaged and it brings us close.
Yonwato Nov 2021
I have spent my worst days with you
I have spent my best days with you
Yet I live everyday, without you.
Yonwato Aug 2021
...and I hope that one day we come to understand our love...
Yonwato Aug 2021
I am a friend and a lover.
I am a lover in a friend and a friend in a lover.
Two can co-exist.
Yonwato Aug 2021
Pain that never goes away,
Wound that never heals,
These are the things that make me.
These are the things that **** me.
Yonwato Jun 2021
If I die young, do not mourn me.
Throw me a party
Wear bright colours to my funeral,
Make it a festival.
The world was dark enough,
Make my exit bright.
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