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someguy Feb 15
When I walked after storm on a beach
By the sea,
I saw the
Gold fish washed up on a shore

I’ve bended my knee
I took her in my hands and
Let her flee
Back into the sea

From the water
I hear
“Thank you my dear…
Your wish I will grant…
Tell me what do you please…”

Astonished and thoughtful
For a moment I stood
“A drop of hope I wish
For those who have faced terrible trials of life
And those who lost faith in themselves
And people like me,
Who lived in this mud for whole eternity
Long enough to forget how wonders look or what are they – miracles…”
someguy Feb 5
I throw
on the knife,
for others,
and for them
I’m ready to die
But why
can’t I take
pain of those dear to me
just to ease their burden of life
someguy Oct 2019
Like spots on my face,
People are
someguy Oct 2019
My head – spins,
Blood vessels – pump,
Bones – squeak,
Diagnosis – alive
someguy Oct 2019
You knock on the door, you cry and you fight,
You take a sip form a cup of somebody’s lies
You rage like a kid, you laugh and abuse,
Try to make all those fools see the stupidity of their own rules

Others don’t get, they don’t hear nor dream
To find deeper meaning in things that they see
To explore this life on their own cul (***)
Feel the pain, agony, thirst and again be refueled

With pleasure – drop of rain, winds’ kiss on your cheek,
Rivers’ flow, roses’ smell, suns’ bright shine on your skin

Describe the emotion, state of mind, things with words
No, old language won’t fit here… must invent new, my own
With more of a meaning, and passion in it
More precise, more refined, and no “censorshit”

God I shall doubt, folk I’ll despise,
Contemporaries shall call me “spoilt little child!”
I won’t pay attention to those hypocrites,
My work now is done, pay attention to the…

My gift to this greedy, rotten, sickening world,
It’s this book of poetry, which shall speak in my stead when I’m gone
For I talk through the ages, through decades of time,
Now genius I am, and this is a testament of mine
memory of Arthur Rimbaud
someguy Apr 2019
Born in the dances of the night
Grew in the playful noises of light
Died and flew into the phantom blue of sky
someguy Nov 2018
My brothers, sisters, mothers, farthers,
Scientists and artists, poets and all others,
To dreamers who can not walk on Earthly ground
Don’t ever let being brought down by the crowd
And don’t you ever let them tear your wings down
They won’t grow back, they are your soul, your wind, your wow,
To those who feel they don’t belong in this kingdom of demise
Rise, Rise, Rise! Spread your wings, and fly into blue skies!
inspired by the Blind Guardian song
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