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Kaylin Marcum Jan 28
I'm over this pain
I'm over this ban
I'm over this plan
I'm over this fan
I'm over this gain
I'm over this
I'm done
I'm over disk
This is coming from the bottom of my heart.
Vert Clair Apr 2019
Hang me with a pretty red scarf,
Gag me with my ambitions,
let me suffocate.

My chaos is my own doing,
Leave me to die on my own ******* sword.
caramelancholy Apr 2019
is it okay to
want so much & work so hard
yet have so little?
you are
an overachiever
do everything
till it takes everything
you are
Lily Aug 2018
Some think that a well thought out compliment
Is the best gift to give me.
What they don't know is that it stifles me,
Buries me under yet another layer of self doubt,
Wondering yet again, “What if I fail them?”
What if I'm just a fake, a fraud?
What if suddenly I wasn't so amazing, so perfect?
I love to be treasured,
But what happens when everyone
Finds out I'm just fool's gold?
This has nothing to do with compliments I receive on HelloPoetry; I enjoy writing here and it is not stressful at all.  This poem refers to current stresses regarding school, driving, and work.
Rachel Lyle Sep 2014
And I woke up with a case of dry mouth-
but I should say, xerostomia,
with my hand just as sound as a lamb;
And make no mistake,
although I am awake,
I can still hear the busy buzz buzz.

God knows I need respite;
Yet he made me to wander,
and to dream.
And always to falter,
writting this ****** poetry.

So here I am haunted,
by the ones whom remain sane-
chatty, chatty Kathys, back on row three,
Whilst I **** on my thumb;
Oh, just take me back to my quadrants;
I'm in need of my Mommy;
anything but these books that I must read.
I love learning BUT I've found I am only successful at what interests me; shocker! It also helps when I have knowledgeable teachers but hey haven't found too awful many of those. I'm a bit anxiety ridden or maybe a clinical case. Hello nursing school? **** it, I just want to read and write poetry!
pixels Nov 2013

One word,
That sends thousands to their knees.
The ultimate fear,
Whether acknowledged or denied.
The ultimate seduction,
Overlooked and overstated.

It looms unendingly,
A second shadow to mock your efforts.
A silent lure,
Tempting and drunk on its own velocity.

Constant yet uncertain...
Striking fear and lust,
Like a taboo so sweet,
Into the hearts of the fearful and the ambitious.

I walk happily into the darkness,
And embrace the dark temptation.

Self-destruction in a heady promise
Of a tremulous future.

— The End —