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A glorious hstory of jew in his array of spirit today
that rose on a dream where bona fide with proprietorship it posted its golden way in a suburban place near the bay.
This glorious monument of her time with mayoral sublime
and a museum grew a Buckminster Tavern extemporizing resound
she lie in midst of my siren that denizen Yankees.
Elizabeth P Feb 2015
Hello followers
Young and old
I've been gone a while
And there's a story to be told

Young, stupid me
Followed a whim
Broke up with a great guy
And took a chance on him

He is a curly haired gamer childhood friend
Evan, the name is
Funny, unique, weird
And that little smile of his

Weeks the sweetness lasted
And I thought maybe this could be
But one night it soured
And the next morning, he broke up with me

Yes, he cares
And yes, we're still friends
But he has further confirmed
At one time or another all ends

So now I'm left with remorse in my heart
And my mistake on my mind
In the end life's just a big lesson anyway
So I guess I'll leave the regret behind

I'm okay
Just another door to close
Wish it wasn't so
Just highs and lows, I suppose
Lesson learned: stay with original guy.
Elizabeth P Dec 2014
I felt it as we stared into each other's eyes.
You weren't done with me.
I loved it.
Around we went, on a stair we sat side by side
Heart racing I looked at you
Lips collided
You took my breath away
Mind fuzzy
I was a goner
Fast forward a month
To a stolen moment in time
Flustered indeed I paced around anxiously
Enjoying every second of it
I wished I could embrace you
But this was better than nothing
You've been on my mind too often
This has never happened to me.
How come this blonde haired, colored eye boy could make me this weak, and yet this strong?
Worried, but excited?
And just happy?
Why this one?

For whatever reason, God, I like this one. Can I keep him?
Thanks for the consideration.
Elizabeth P Dec 2014
Heart racing
Mind pacing
Legs shaking
What is this?

I have heard of this disease
A most deadly one indeed
It is called love.
Elizabeth P Dec 2014
Your name riddles my papers
Your words riddle my thoughts
Your voice rattles my legs
You rattle my heart

I want to know your heart
I want to know your mind
I want to know your soul
And I want you to be mine.

I long for a sweet embrace
I long for an adrenaline coated kiss
I long for one more dance
I long to see you again

What am I to do,
If I love you?
Elizabeth P Nov 2014
Answer me this, Harold of Wisdom
They say follow your heart,
They say listen to it too,
But what if you're so separated from your heart,
you can't hear it,
nor can it move?

The heart beats fine
Rhythmic supply of crimson life unhindered
Yet it lies inside an invisible cage
A vault, if you may
Keeping it secure from the outside
But silent as well
Away from the waves of life
But unable to move
Time after time, the wall gets tested
Grows stronger
Until it is so fortified, a king would spend an entire army in its conquering

But what happens when one wishes to unlock this case?
Is it rusted together forever?
Does it leak the occasional flow of love?
Did it contain any to begin with?
One tries to undo the wall, brick by brick,
But that never does any good.
And the wall is so powerful,
No act of nature can batter it to its end
So anything one says at this stage comes out half-assed,
Only showing half of one'a heart.
One doesn't aim for this,
No, not at all.
And yet the situation arises again and again.

The bricks of the walls
The walls of the hearts
The protection
The solitation
How does one conquer one's own defense?
Elizabeth P Nov 2014
Starless, chilly an autumn night
It all started right
A dance it would be
A stranger I was
Amongst a two roosts of Latter Day Saints
Popular, I was not
Neither shy nor sociable,
I stood in wait for a suitor
Then a lad glided in
A bit taller than I, blonde hair, green eyes
And an adorable hat on his head
Smiles, laughter,
Then the Games began
This suitor, Gage he was called
Had speed, but not dexterity
And was soon defeated
Charming, cheering, continuing
The dancing came
Clumsy, was I ever so
While he radiated mastery
Every misstep spin on my part
Made him smile
He whispered in my ear,
In hot breaths,
Compliments of golden rarity
A suitor of suitors I see
A spectacular dance, then another...and quite a few more
Each spin drawing me closer,
As we learned the ways of our bodies purely
The intense stares making my cheeks glow rouge
Beguiled in the moment,
I followed Gage out in an innocent move
Outside, taking a walk around the sacristy
We sat upon an abandoned stair
We spoke, we laughed, and...
His sparking eyes locked with mine
And I knew such a day would come!
An elegant milestone!
Lips in incoherent shapes as we did the most ancient of things
Simple and sweet
Breathless, I was
Yet I wanted more
We kissed once again, longer this route
Your lips are sweet, he said in my ear, as I shook in delight
Paper and pen, number in hand
My phone in his hands, exchanging modern things
A quick hug
And a long night of thought for me
Since then, contact has been strangled to a near death
As though it was alive beforehand
My hope has faded
But still, I choose to see it as a lesson for the wise
Not a regret for the stupid
It was magical,
It was ordinarily extraordinary,
And blessed I feel for the experience.
Please no negative comments.

— The End —