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ryrosaur May 2017
So, there's this musical that I've become obsessed with.
That's normal, right?
I suppose.
Naturally, I've been listening to the soundtrack.
Over and over and overandoverandover because that's what I do.
I replay things until they're so old I can't bring myself to care.
But that isn't the focus of this one - that'll be covered another time, when I have a chance, when I've got a life.
A song on this soundtrack that I seem to favor is titled "Waving Through A Window", and I'm just amazed by the artistry of this particular song. It's so focused, guys.
It's real.
The singer is trapped behind a personality he's built up for himself, you know?
It reminds me of me - trapped behind a hypothetical "window" of sorts, fighting myself just to get out and be seen for once.
But there's also that fear of not being liked, of not being accepted, because I'm really a horribly numb human and I don't want to scare anybody away.
So I guess I'll just keep waving through this ******* window.
I'm ranting about Dear Evan Hansen, okay?
Elizabeth P Feb 2015
Hello followers
Young and old
I've been gone a while
And there's a story to be told

Young, stupid me
Followed a whim
Broke up with a great guy
And took a chance on him

He is a curly haired gamer childhood friend
Evan, the name is
Funny, unique, weird
And that little smile of his

Weeks the sweetness lasted
And I thought maybe this could be
But one night it soured
And the next morning, he broke up with me

Yes, he cares
And yes, we're still friends
But he has further confirmed
At one time or another all ends

So now I'm left with remorse in my heart
And my mistake on my mind
In the end life's just a big lesson anyway
So I guess I'll leave the regret behind

I'm okay
Just another door to close
Wish it wasn't so
Just highs and lows, I suppose
Lesson learned: stay with original guy.
jennifer ann Dec 2014
evan peters,
your so fine.
i've seen your behind, atleast 4 times.
i think you should know that you're a dime.
will you be my valentine?

evan peters,
is one hell of a man,
he can even pull off lobster hands.
evan peters i am your  biggest fan.
i would love to tell you this over a can of spam.
but ****.
you're emmas man.

evan peters,
you're so fly,
you're bootylicious,i can't denie, to hell with shakira,
your hips do not lie,
american horror story, until the day i die!

— The End —