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Scarlet M Jan 2018
aren't made
be kept,
to be
Chris Neilson Jul 2017
It's said the 2 best days
of your life
are the day you're born
and the day
you find out why

Once achieved we can all
shuffle off this mortal coil
A profundity
Andiegirl Apr 2017
The universe is vast.  This earth is packed.
Found the contentment i'd never known.
My heart is brimming with happiness at last.
Julie Grenness Apr 2016
I reminisce on Grandma's hands,
Her visions of Heaven's lands,
Spectacles of repose so grand,
Summer floral perfumes,
Velvet pastures for rooms,
Eternal light so divine,
Ambrosia, sweeter than wine,
I reminisce on Grandma's hands,
Gnarled, old but natural,
Her songs, hymns so musical,
Her life well spent, faithful,
I reminisce on Grandma's hands,
Her dreams came true, that's grand,
Souls in repose, in Summerland,
Her visions of Heaven's lands,
Yes,  I recall our Grandma's hands.
Feedback welcome.
Coleseph Nelzsun Jan 2016
You may well feel as though you have found the key, the missing link, and the answer
But know that this is only temporary
Like the receding tide, this sense will fade away
Deep inside you will feel it again
The unfulfillment
It will continue ro return
Untill you truly realize that you are already fulfilled
Your existence is the collective breath and entropy of source
You fulfill your purpose simply by realizing who you are
And you do this, only by letting go of all you THINK you are
All you call yourself
All that they call you
What can harm you when you discover this truth
This awakening
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Each and everything has changed from what everything used to be prior
Definitely in the present things are different from what they used to be in the past.

The difference still remains
When expectations are fulfilled in the present it gives rise to desire and dreams
Expectations with regards to future get a raise when expectations, which are set prior, are met.

The difference still remains
A difference between what was thought and planned before and all that is going on in the present moment of time.
When expectations are fulfilled, then something more gets anticipated from the future

The difference still remains
A difference between what you think and all that you want
A difference between everything going on in the mind and everything around you in the present moment of time
The difference still remains

A moment in time in the present will decide and tell what to do next
Better wait for the moment
A moment in time in the present will decide and tell what will happen next
Better wait for the moment
This moment in time will be represented as the present moment in time in the present.

A moment in time will come when the past will differ from the present
There will be a distinct difference between the past and present,
past will be a thing of past, since it will get separated from the present.

A moment in time will come when the future will be ascertained in the present
The need of the hour will be to ascertain the future with regards to all the possibilities available in the present
Important will be that moment in time since an uncertain future will get a ray of light from the present.

A moment in time will come when somewhere along in the future everything will change,
efforts that have been made in the present will then start to yield the desired results.
Till then live life in the present with the present moment in time.
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
Standing atop an ever growing mountain,
You free me from this world.
In your arms I find tranquility,
Transcending all logical words.
Regal personality and originality,
You're my life's greatest singularity.
This is life...

When she has the only eyes
you'll ever get lost in.
When her personality is more beautiful
than the sunset hitting the sea.
A feeling only attainable once.
Finding the words to see you justly,
Will take me a lifetime.
This is life...

Every second I'm with you,
I'm alive...
This is life...
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Can you look within your heart and see
the principles of The Word in operation?
Are you still joyful with your decision,
to accept Him and His gift of Salvation?

Do you share your Faith with others,
in the form of stories and testimonies?
Do you anticipate your arrival in Heaven
with God, as the master of ceremonies?

Is your trust in Christ secure, whereby
Faith in your soul, has been instilled?
Can you look within your heart and know
that His promises… will be fulfilled?
Author notes

Inspired by:
Josh 23:14

Learn more about me and my poetry at:

By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2015, All rights reserved.
Love is like a bottle with
the lid ******* to tight.
Try so hard to twist
and pry it open
but it spills all over and
then it feels like a glass half full
and a waste of -

Love is like a weird transition,
never know when it's coming, but
when it does, it just feels right.
Steele Sep 2015
Worn converses scuff the floor.
     The crowd sings, and they roar
     his name. Things aren't the same
     like anonymous Mondays before.

He pulls out his strings. Silence.
Steel vibrates and sings; Violence
erupts and again he hears his name.
It isn't the same... but he finds it
strangely fitting; On this stage
he's the benefactor and the tyrant.
He's the laughter, killing quiet.
It's not your average Monday
but no surprise, he finds he likes it.
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