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Leila Oct 24
Applauds on resilience
Persistence and stubbornness
Born to make, to create
Sees all in which nothing should exist
Imagine being that
Potential is stored inside me
Waiting but yet begging to be let out
I starve myself my laziness
What’s of all the effort if all I get is strife?
Laugh at me all you want
Is what you love worth the pain of caring?
Knowing others will always be above you
I’m so tired
I shot myself short before I could even begin
Khaniek Oct 18
This is my is my farewell.

I wanted to love you.
I dreamt of it.
Holding your hand whenever I felt like it.
A kiss every now and then because your were mine.
Things of that nature.

This isn’t the first time I’ve proclaimed that I’m done and over this unrequited love but this is the first I’m writing about it.

I’ve held you so far above ground that I couldn’t  get to you even if I tried.
I see it, and have for a while, seen how comfortable you are with me in limbo.

Is it possible that you haven’t thought twice about this and I’ve been in this web alone?
The more I think about it,
I see how true it is.
I took the necessary steps towards you.
You had no doubt of my intentions.
(I think I would hate you if you did.)
You understand, right?
I don’t want to hope anymore.
I give up..
On a dead of winter day
our footsteps in the snow
melt too quickly
for anyone to follow

In drops of steady rain
we picnic beside the lake
and watch fireworks
fizzle out with summer

Riding the crest of fall
but stalked by spring
and so, in the throes
of such invisible connections
we're preserved

And sitting on a shelf
awaiting our turn
to be pried open
and spread like jam
for someone to consume...
Toby Raines Oct 1
Ignore the impending doom,
ignore the warning signs
Ignore the hateful glares
The flashing red lines
The labels beg to differ
Between everyone I meet
But still I feel myself simmer
In a vat of oiled up sheets
This escape room turns to hell
My every thought here to dwell
A bird inside a cage in a cell
I knew this could never turn out well
I thought you were good
but it’s clear that you’re not
If I wasn’t so kind
I’d leave you here to rot
You signed your fate
You’re to bleed under a rock
So won’t you please
Ignore my Warning Signs?

Individual letters that collect together to form a distinct meaning of speech.

They flood from your mouth with no hesitation.

It seems as if you have no thoughts behind how they would impact me.

They collect around me like a pool of water.

I can feel the letters push and pull me in all directions.

Individual vowels threaten me with their tones and volumes.

As a whole, they stab me with their unfortunate denotation.

This puddle is muddled with my thoughts

I am left to wonder when we became so careless, and when we became so cruel to one another.

I sit here pondering, which part of our time together decided to crack and crumble at the seam.

I can feel my emotions threatening to spill over.

They are teetering on the edge of my makeshift ****

They scream at me making me feel powerless and weak.

I am sure that the disturbance is written on my face.

The moment seems to blur as I attempt to speak.
Terms flow out of me like a river with no ending and with no peace.

It aims to catch you in it's white water tides.

But the entirety of my speech, I fret about the holes that it will bore in you.

Yet in spite of all we have been through, it frustrates me that we do not hesitate to damage each other's walls with our harshness.

We do not feel in the wrong as we watch the each other's wounds seep.

We have lost the ability to pick each other off their feet.

The world feels empty due to the lack of empathy

An eeiry frightful peace.

How long will we walk around with our uncertainty?
mlk Sep 20
It's the same old story
for the millionth time.
The same stale thoughts
return to my mind.

Why is what I want to be
always beyond my reach.
Why do I  never seem
to practice what I preach.

I don't mean to make excuses
or helplessly whine.
But I somehow **** it up
and the fault is all mine.

These lofty ideas
From the books on my shelves
Seem to just fall through
Because I don't change myself.
Disappointing myself (again)
apayne Sep 16
waiting for the bus, always late, to carry me home  
   waiting for that shiny new tech-heavy device to arrive
      waiting for service when I’ve already been ignored twice
         waiting in line to pay for my overpriced vegan groceries
            waiting for the doctor who simply repeats WebMD told me
               waiting for the Wi-Fi to take only to have it disconnect 15 minutes later
                  waiting for payday when there's only Kraft singles and jam in the fridge
                      waiting for Spring like my bones aren’t already frozen and burst
                         waiting for inspiration like muse has 24-hour shipping
                            waiting for salvation when the devil’s
fork is already in my back

Most of all
                                                For You
You make me want to scream
(You make me late for everything)
Out loud
(Too proud)
Like a beast howling with rage and uncultivated fear
(Just the same **** arguments year after year)
You make me ashamed to want attention
(You argue with anything I mention)
That isnt fought for or coerced
(Plans made with you are cursed)
And I just want to make you see
(All the things that you do to me)
That things could be different
(You never take things as they're meant)
Better or worse
(You cut me down first)
And I could still be here in a couple of years
(You dont understand the depth of my tears)
Or maybe not
(You forget what you forgot?)
And I love you
(There's nothing more true)
But loving you hurts
(And sometimes you're just a ****)
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