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Grey Nov 2018
Numerous times staring at your name in my phone
Never thought I'd be afraid to lose someone
Until I met you
Always looking for something to keep me numb
Never thought I'd love someone
Until I met you

Lonely nights in my bed
Thoughts of you and us fill my head
Break me down world
You told me you didn't want me down that road
I'll fight to stay straight and be better
Poems for you I mean every single letter

Empty bottles and jails cells that road no more will I roam
Never thought I'd mean so much to someone
Until I met you
Fight the demons in my head, once again here they come
Never thought I'd care for someone
Until I met you

Punching and screaming at the wall
Believe me for you I'd risk it all
You told me you wanted the old me, silly and happier.
I lost myself in life's maze, now I'm free and stronger

I'd walk a hundred million miles for you, no I'd run
Never thought I'd adore someone
Until I met you
I give you my heart, if you want pull the trigger here's the gun
Never thought I'd fully trust someone
Until I met you
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
I disciplined myself in her.
Humbling myself in her mold.
First my body then my soul.
Painting myself with her skin.
She scribbled her name across me.
Using her finger as a pencil, gently scribbling.
I don't want to sound crazy. But I thought she was suppose to be
the object of my affection not the other way around.
I love how she does that
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2016
I was goofy in love,
That sort of sarcastic your **** but I need you type of love.
That lounge around in underwear all day not afraid to be myself love.
In all seriousness, I wore nothing but her.
Smothering my nose in her hair. More commonly a set of areolas.
She was a character, sometimes rambling through my t-shirts.
Sliding her arms through loose hanging sleeves.
Pushing all of her hair to one side of her head, making silly faces.
Actually quite a scary thing to see, At that moment I prayed to God thanking him that she had a full head of hair. Although admitting that her left eye looking at the right one was kind of ****. Especially with her tongue cocked to the side.
A smile ofter kept me out of trouble.
Although admittedly I'd avoid certain questions,
She was that big head pretty girl whom believed she was always right, even when she was wrong.
I loved telling her no.
Even when I meant yes. The first time was an accident. The next twelve hundred just became habit.
The concept really wasn't as vague as it sounds.
Honestly, I am a good guy.
I just loved dancing on her nerves from time to time.
The crinkles that formed around her nose as she turned red.
Especially in public, I'd always tell the cashier or waitress that she was abusive.
Often locking me in the closet.
That I was her *** slave and this would be the only time she'd let me leave the house. That she held me hostage, to only refer to her as mistress when we're out and about.
Either that or I'd push her on random isles of a store and yell shoplifter.
It was always something crazy with us.
Grabbing a foam sword and constantly poke her in the *** until ultimately she'd just stop walking.
Other women felt her pain.
Laughing before revealing intriguing conversations about their men and how they would always leave them at home.

— The End —