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I think there's a connection between us
Why is that?
When I need to see, your face is all I see
When I need to breathe, your air is all I breathe.
When I need to feel, your touch is all I feel
When I need to kiss, your lips is all I kiss
When I need to love, is you and only you that I love.
Every thoughts of my heart is all about you
Every steps I take draws me closer to you.
Cause I don't seem to know why I'm into you this much
I hope she falls in love with a wonder man, just as I'm in love with someone who's really special
Symply Bright Mar 18
What they say about us doesn't matter
                   What matter is
I want you to place your ears and listening to the saying of my beating heart
What they think about us doesn't matter
                    What matter is
I want to know how deep your thoughts is about me
What they hear about us doesn't matter
                    What matter is
I want to hear your sweet words, when I asked how do I make you feel?
What they say about us doesn't matter
                  What matter is
I want to say I love you in the most special way
What they talk about us doesn't matter
                 What matter is
How we'd talk about love and ignoring their bout of hate
What they see about us doesn't matter
                 What matter is
I want to see me through your beautiful eyes
Having the world against us doesn't matter
                What matter is
You and me living happily against all odds
All that matter is You
I want you all the times
Symply Bright Mar 18
Nothing hurts more than being neglected by the ones you thought would stay with you in your worst days
Nothing hurts more than being betrayed by the one you thought would take a bullet for you
Nothing hurt more than being rejected by the ones you thought would accept you for whom you really are.
Sometimes we give too much to those who have nothing to give back in return
Sometimes we sacrifice all that we have to people who hardly care about us
Sometimes we love people who wouldn't try to love us back
The only joy we could find in love is to love and be loved
Symply Bright Mar 14
Just like heart need heartbeats, one needs to breathe for staying alive
My precious heart needs a beloved to stay happy
Just like you need words to start a conversation
And the sun needs the day to shine not the night
And the stars need the night not the dawn
So does my helpless heart needs your love
You're someone who brings happiness to me like I have attained heaven
You're my ocean of serenity, the only motive to live
An embodiment of love, the only reason for my existence
That's why my lost heart needs your love
Symply Bright Mar 12
It's allowed to step on each other's toes inna relationship
But shouldn't be taken too far because tomorrow isn't promised
Lovers don't dwell on  each other"s dirt
I close my heart to all but not you
The little things you'd have me fallen deeply for you
If you look into my eyes you'll see it's true
Just like snail can't live without its shell
Life without you would have been hell
Thanks for being you
And I'm happy I found you
For there's nothing more worthwhile than you
You all I have craved for
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