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Khoisan Apr 2023
Smoke drumrolls dance,



a shaman's stance


to an historical prance.
Natives in a global circus.
Tourist attractions?
Flatfielder Nov 2020
Resignation for self preservation
Forever to hide
Or to break out en masse
Communities struggling
For identity safety and Touch
When leaders ignore
Never give up
As if directed by dark unseen forces
spreading from an acrid domain
flames ignited consuming everything
flames ignited consuming everything
once arid forests and homes
swiftly succumbed to the raging fires
rising into black smoke spires!

Devouring all living matter in its wake
nothing sacred with such heat
those grasslands now totally destroyed
nothing left but smoldering ashes
in communities no matter their prestige
as each became under siege!

Ferocious and hungry any daylight masked
their lungs gasping to breath
trapped as they perilously tried to escape
the routes to safety fading
facing ahead death anguish and disbelief
victims united by loss and grief!

From the ashes soon comes another dawn!

Through the inferno their bid to survive!

— The End —