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bk Jul 2019
It is amazing, the life of a wave.
It takes forever to build up
and then once it finds its way to the beach,
is alive for only a couple seconds.
As beautiful as this sounds,
the act of the surfer is even more.
The wave exists momentarily
but while it does,
the surfer carves smooth silky lines into it
creating a form of art seen only by few.
After that, that single wave is gone forever;
It is not coming back.
The surfer will never surf that same wave again.
The life of the wave now only exists in memory.

Personally, I find nothing more beautiful than that.

chloe Mar 2018
when did i leave the ocean last night.
i was thinking.
engrossed in my on thought flowing with the tide in my head.
i thought i left the sea, at 1:03 am.
i was there all evening. chatting with the waves.
gliding through the barrel, the greenroom.
with my feet on the deck of the surfboard.
covered in wax.
when did i leave the ocean.
i didn't
i'm still here.
i love the ocean more than you love your snapchat streaks.
thats a lot.
insta- @snap_chloe21
Julie Grenness Dec 2016
Oh surfer boy....
TV remote is your toy,
You're television's clown,
I won't let you drag me down......
Feedback welcome.
Elysian Dreams Nov 2016
Honor what you feel my dear,
Whether it be anger, rage, sadness, or elation.
For the best surfer is the one who does not avoid
But rides through the waves
a tide of much strength
wrenched the struggling surfer
under its briny churn

shoreline rescuers
hauled this stilled person
onto golden sands

whereby commenced
a resuscitation act
to fill starved lungs

with stocks of oxygen
reinstated by life guards
salvation granted
Ameliorate Jul 2015
Desperate plea escapes from inside
You're on the brink and I'm a surfer
Riding those residual waves back to shore
Coop Lee Mar 2014
mean beam bottom ***** without reluctance.
\ air above \
since forever baby boy: since forever liquid sparkler.

he has sense
& peanut butter jelly geography to his page.
his romance is of the west.
his eyes are of dandelions kicked & to the wind.
he moves like ancient turtle migration.
reaches feet to sidewalk \ sand to depths \ ride \

velcro-tightened mind withstanding.
party lights, ***** willows, retro punch, he
is orpheus descending: with all the elements positioned just so.
\ jellyfish electric \  
he says he likes the loneliness.
he says it’s the water.

& so he moves \ wills himself into the next measure.
liquid resolute bits.
so move \ orca \
curl of eye \ so ride \ black rollo wave \
basilica \ & \
coral reaches below \\\

he likes to tell it, with warmed exaggeration.
slow-motion buffalo stampede. ride the railroads free & easy.
orange glowing bars of elsewhere. oscillating seal calls.
oily portland hipsters howling on the beach. those
juno cheeked rosy-red lips.
somewhere, sister getting married.
spring, summer, fall, winter, spring.
africa ******* a branch of a tree of a forest, overlooking elephant burial grounds.
color & white material:
plantations, gas stations, diners, & sharks.

this is the morning lunar \
sweet blue beach of the old & awakening.
he crawls out & into her breaks.
her deep heights & bombora reef. the serotonin
functions twice, exposed between thin tissues of warm-blooded neurochemistry.
human, shown.
he is as a raw page, blank, yet
dipped \
\ so ride \ bulbous waves of air mother agua \
ride \ &
\ ride \ &
brew by light these occurrences forever.
previously published in the Susquehanna Review

— The End —