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In 1972,
Nixon shook hands with Mao
and the world turned its back on Taiwan.

In 1972,
Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka,
Okinawa returned to Japan,
and Jane Fonda became Hanoi Jane.

In 1972,
twin Olympics were held,
hungry tigers on wooden skis dashing
down the white slopes of Sapporo,
while the streets of Munich ran red
with the blood of slain Israelis.

In 1972,
Elvis was still the king,
Elton wasn’t quite the queen
and Prince was still a quiet teen.

On September 21, 1972,
Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos
placed my grandmother’s homeland under martial law.
I was born that day
while my grandmother wept.
the duration of the gig will last
for three exceptional years
by the end of it aficionados would
have shed some tears

let us all recall
the two tunes listed below
which were heard in
many a marvellous show

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane
I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Oh honey if I get restless
baby you're not that kind

our glittering Sir Elton John
bopping on the piano
the catalogue of his hits
a lyrical nano

collaborating with Sir Bernie Taupin
together a dynamic partnership
who knew how a song would
stay in the mind's companionship

departing from entertaining
on the world's musical stage
leaving a remarkable footnote
of rock and roll homage
Acknowledgements to Sir Elton John and Sir Bernie Taupin.
Kurt Carman Nov 2016
You’ve been so many places in your life and time,
You sung a lot of songs; you thought some were bad rhymes.
You shared your love on stages
With a million people watching,
But you’re in Heaven now and I’m writing this poem for you.

We know you’re in a place where there’s no space or time,
Loved so much you’ll always be a friend of mine.
And now you think your life is over,
But someday we’ll all be together.
You’re in Heaven now and I’m writing this poem for you.

You’ll never be forgotten Leon…..cause I’m singing this song for you

K. Carman 2016
RIP Leon!

— The End —