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annh Feb 2022
passing overhead
clouds with their bottoms clenched, rain
on parades elsewhere
‘Hey sparrows
no ******* on my old
winter quilt!’
- Kobayashi Issa
Kat L Jan 2021
I long to be elsewhere
Away from it all --
From the people I know,
And from the things I'm used to

I long to be elsewhere
A place I've yet to know --
To discover and to be free
And perhaps to get to know the person in me
05 01 2021; 21:12
Rupert Pip Mar 2020
What is the day without the
sunlight? What is the dark
without moonlight?

What are we without us?
What am I without you?

Would I find myself like
a ragged dog dying out
on the road?

Would I find the solace on
a world away from a tattered

Do you wish for me to beg
for an undying lie to come
to light?

What is a rose without it's
thorns? What will I be in
a life that's not yours?
Rohan P Jun 2018
foggy inclines, green saplings
and pines: you always loved
the water.

you long for
elsewhere, but
the currents stirred and

you swept into the fir.
for acacia (dewdrop).
I dreamt of elsewhere
But elsewhere doesn't accept the broken

No person wants something that is broken
Would give anything to a thing that is cracked
Or is missing pieces, gaps unfilled
No one takes a thing so close to destruction
It's not worth the time or the attention

Elsewhere is for the people who were filled with hope, joy, and goodness
I once again forgot that I am hopeless, in despair, and darkness
So I traveled alone with my brokenness and empty voids
To a place that nobody could ever find or would ever want to discover

That's where the broken go
The ones with holes and missing pieces in their heart
Those who are labeled as darkness and hopeless
With no laughter, no joy, not even a smile

There are others hear that make the requirements
But we may not talk to one another
All our faces are blurred
For just as on Earth we must live behind a mask of foolery
A state you were always alone with
And you still feel the overwhelming feeling of loneliness, deep within

I have lived in Nowhere for some time
And it the closest thing I have to calling a home

I am from Nowhere
I grew up in Nowhere
I am going Nowhere
The place between life and death is Nowhere

Nowhere is for the people who won't be accepted by Death
And are no longer needed in Life
But they ultimately choose in the end

I am Nowhere for I am still making the decision
I must go away now
Leave this town
My life bundled in a town
For as a child I fell in my head's crown

And it has caught up with me
Making me someone I never have dreamt before
Our hearts found each other through these people of the sea
But I have become dark and destructive to the core

You mustn't give time for this wretched soul
Please walk out of my heart's door
For I destroy everything, and I don't wish you to pay this toll
I shan't stay even though I want to , but this mind is as black as coal

I love you, I shall love you past eternity
That is why I mustn't be selfish
I have to escape the pity
Running away from everything everyone shatters my heart like china dish

It's pieces are spread all throughout town and I am left with nothing
Farewell, my friend for I was born elsewhere
I thank you for all the years of laughter and company, all so very touching
I tell you the truth when I say: You are the greatest thing to have entered my life, and in there

You were always the light in all this darkness, and that, my dear, will never change
Your happiness is what is important in this exchange
I love you from a pure and unmeasurable love
This person who cares for you and loves you more than all

Goodbye, Best Friend
I don't really know how to explain this
To put it in simple terms:
I believe I was born into the wrong family, place, situation, and character

To be elsewhere would save me from whatever destruction I might inflict on myself
To be with people who make you feel whole, who make you feel understood
To be in a place with no past label, a blank slate
To be through different hardships
To be a different person
A better person

Love and to be loved
There will be hardships
But we would have each other
And I would feel love for the first time
The family, the friends, the people of elsewhere
Would fill this void which is my heart
I feel so empty
I feel so alone
But in elsewhere I'd never feel so alive and free and loved and cared for
for years I searched for new paths
  as if the only thing that really mattered
    was to get elsewhere as soon as possible

this shoreless thirst connects
    my little matter
                           with my oceans of dream

           everything breathes solvability

     and my mind creeps up
      only those walls that
          I cannot handle
      and lurks like an owl
       through your woods

over here you don't drink coffee
without some liquor

the temple was built
for naked dancers

and this love is my resource

my resource for some divinity
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