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brandon nagley Jun 2015
June 24th
Seeketh mine queen
mi amour of mine dreams,
No I do no seeketh her or loveth her out of mine own

If I sought one out of lonesomeness
It shalt not be love!!!!!

But she's mine true amare
I needeth on this chilled wed's night
Because she's once again disappeared
Into the moon's light....

Tis I think
I shalt go to bed
I canst dream
Of her
brandon nagley Jun 2015
I shalt waiteth
One billion years
One billion fears
One billion tears
To haveth mine (mi amour')
brandon nagley Jun 2015
I saw the shining in the dusk distance
Mine Spanish mi amour' levitating
Above planet earth
Just checking in on me...
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Nostalgic butterfly's of confectionery Felicity
Whilst the draft sways to ourn archaic old style fenestella
Thou wilt be that Cinderella
As I mineself shalt be thy consort savior!!!!

Sentiments to hang as beads
Wherein ourn pictures wilt mark the streets
A Spaniard a Greek freak leaving puddles
Of ourn good tidings!!!!

Daisies shalt grow
Around ourn ancient abode
Yet even with none home
I already knoweth thou art mine roost!!!

I'll giveth thou confidence
If thyself shalt giveth me a boost
And telleth me
Thou loveth mine all

Tis I make mistakes
One day a beast
The next an angel
Yet canst thou forgiveth me?

For thou art mine flower bud rose
The comfort in mine toes
In between wherein the warmth never fades

Taketh me tomorrow amare
If thou dares
Do not leaveth
For we got now!

For whilst I'm still a fool
At least I can say honesty
I'm a fool for thou!!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Calleth me crazed
But I needeth her
She's mine blood line
She's mine
All mine!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
I sayeth,
He kneweth not
Love before,
Now he's found
His truest titled
(mi amour',)
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Tootsie of mine amour!
Caramel skinned
Winged appendage
Mine mi amour
Spain's wave of shining sparkle
Calm beau
The peace in me
Is the home in thou
Nose candy
Thou ****** queen
Turneth me to butter
Spread me as dreams
Taketh me mine fein
Thou fein's for me as I thou
Mine queen of heaven cloud!!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
We both
To thy world
And was born to eachother..
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Victorians old aged queen hast come to greet me
Come to treat me to extraterrestrial highs
Where her tongues forensic
With mine love we shalt dine!!!

So fine are thy heavied lids
Thy skin painted on spanishly clear
Heaven draws near
To thy angelic trim!!!

Make me feel five again lover!!!

Wherein I haveth no more care nor worry
Just romance novel stories
To maketh me anew!!

Thou missing puzzle
Thou clue I've sought so long

Thou fit's me perfectly friend
Thy smell to be the Rosie's
Mine own to be in stench!!!

Paralyze me again
Thine eyes daily do I seek
Wherein nothing goes bleaque
Between ourn child laughs and words!!!

I'm alive once again
After so long a sleep
The queens kiss
Has once again awoken me

To die for love!!!!

To love for years
For many weeks!!!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Fast conqest, please do not come to thy lonely end, the mounts been put up, the bars hast been broken, this soul feels complete with mine own love and best friend. Feelings of innocent thoughts, no money can make a difference, no pounds could could be heavied, im light where the books hast been dropped.! Irregularity greeted me so extraterrestrially, extending me to something i never knew. Taketh me, break through thou holy lover  im on thy standby. . . . Mine law of commandments. Mine holy seeing eye
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