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latavia Jun 2019
but i know its probably me
but i know i wont take responsibility
but i know i'll find a way to make you apologize
but i know we've been here a million times
but i know that my love for you is like fire
but i know that it burns you
but i know that you think the way i shine is beautiful
but i know that i hurt your eyes
but i know that each time you close them and trust me its unbearable

and so we are left with one option.

while i shine, crackle, pop, burn
you must sway.

you water and i fire.


evaporate us both.
Haruharu Apr 2019
I'm back where I started..
..his laughter, a voice I can't ignore.

My heart is pounding.

A feeling in my chest, impossible to deny.
I want him close.

Breathe. Focus.

.. and there he is..

With a smile he touches my neck.
A brief moment of closeness.

He looks into my eyes and I know.

The vibrations in the air shake the ground.

I want it to last, I want more..

But I need it to stop, we both do.

He is fire and I am water.
EmperorMoth Mar 2019
I am not air.
Don't neglect me, but also acknowledge my presence.
Don't take me for granted, and use me as a way to avoid others.
I am not water.
I am not here to shower you with energy.
I am not here to be polluted with your bs.
I am not dirt nor rock.
Don't assume i'm easy to kick around.
I have my bugs, but that doesn't mean i'm unappealing.
You will not walk over me, damage and destroy me for your own interests.
I am not fire.
Although, I may have a temper, don't assume I'll burn you.
I can be warm, but don't take my warmth for granted.
I am not your element.
But I am your friend.

If you learn to love me as who I am, our bond may never end.
PhoenixTetra Dec 2018
She’s a leo,
Her strongest element is fire,
Everything she touches, turns into ashes,
Sometimes even herself, she burns.

Earth is her home,
But she lives on the moon,
Where no one else does,
At least now she knows,
She cannot hurt another soul.
For so long I wanted to be water
An element that soothes and saves
For I was born of fire
Wild, destructive and difficult to tame

I tried to dull my flames
In order to gain some control
Though the spark deep inside me
Wanted freedom to console

The hatred I held inside
I couldn't accept my role
I wanted to be everything I wasn't
The ocean, the rain, the winter's cold

How can I run free
When all I'll ever do is destroy
The fire that burns in me
Is a passion I can no longer avoid

I finally embrace my element
As it is in my nature
I want to be free to be myself
I've never felt more sure

For so long I longed to be water
An element that subdues and relieves
But I was born of fire
With a warmth that burns so passionately

I am a candle that provides you light
I am the fire that warms you whole
I brighten your darkest night
I thaw the coldest hearts and souls
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Love, an element
that can transcend
many lifetimes

Love, an parasite that
can destroy
a nation

Love, a flame that when
left unattended, can
ravage and not

Such much it has to give.
The very gift of love
Love can do good as well as bad.
Its an element that should never be underestimated.
Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Listen to the chorus of the weeping angels.
Listen to the songs that dares to ride the wind.
Just a small poem from my journal based on a lucid dream I had.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
Do me a favour
Don’t  praise me

I will be weak
Theme: Request
Mazen Edlibi Dec 2017
Holding The Pen and closing my eyes, making my Heart opens his book in pain!

Listening to that Melody calling me loudly to hear the unsaid words, makes all lines shake in fear!

Space and every Element surrounding that space lead to hold my trembled Heart to Fade in Illusion!

Questioning my Reasons....

Questioning my Versions i went through and became....

Questioning the Purpose I have every Now and Then....

Questioning "Should I go Further than this Point that I reached?"...

The Sun is hiding behind those shy Clouds, trying to keep the Light of A Road from being Seen!

And I'm Questioning....

What is behind that Road?
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