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Sometimes I am water
Sometimes I am ice
Sometimes I'm a vapor
Condensation on your face.

Sometimes I've the air truth
Sometimes I'm a liar
Sometimes I am of the earth
Sometimes of the fire

I am always fickle
An untruthful fact
I am a deluge trickle
I have a gauche man's tact

I have hideous beauty
You'll have no argument
To abandon me's a duty
I'm hell's firmament

You will always love me
A simply complex game
Becoming bound you will be free

Lucifer's my name.
I've been thinking I should be on HP more often. I just spend so much time on other social media, it's difficult. Please bear with me.
We are uncontrollable whirlwinds
Spinning faster and faster
We can't hang on to the world anymore
Everything is lost
A sad and pathetic disaster

We dance in the cancer
To the most sorrowful song
Destroying all that is in our path
Never acknowledging what went wrong

We walk past the scorched ruins
Ignore the slow burn of humanity
We feed the flames of our ego
To satisfy our own personal vanity

Everything crumbles underneath us
Nothing left to console
When this world is over and done with
It will cry so much harder
Than any human soul .
Izzy W Jun 25
When the word was made,
There was nothing.
One thing was made, then another.
The had many sisters and brothers.
Over time, they grew,
Into me and you.
We survived off the water,
from which we were born,
Until the 7 deadly storms.
They killed the ones who didn't survive,
and left the survivors still alive.
Now we are here,
me, and you
Turning the world back to nothing.
Pollution is ruining the world's oceans and making species go extinct. We need to lend a hand in protecting the environment.
in its root is
every root
A rewrite of no. 131.
Cattatonicat Jun 24
On the other side of the Earth
Is a dream where

I want nothing
I need nothing
I am nothing
Eva B Jun 23
I remember this

the moon on the night we drive north toward Miami
our secrets overflowing onto the dashboard
between the white moon and black ocean emerges
my destiny this moment this motion

a door creaks open creaks closed in the woods
a threshold is offered for us to step through
I look to the tree tops and you follow suit
how beautiful you are
allowing yourself to fill

desire stands con terquedad
I felt what you meant before you arrived
Jenish Jun 23
parched earth whining for
single droplet of water -
crimson sun blazing.

flush of anger drive
the trifling clouds to hideout -
lone sun ruling sky.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 22
Smelling money
reach out to the stars.
Knowing why
they gaze down though
upon the deep dark earth
need to be richer
than material matters!
Bhill Jun 20
who really knows
who really understands
how is it true
or not
does the homeless person know what time it is
did the ant you stepped on feel anything
the sunset shared by millions across the globe, was it appreciated
was it valued
desert winds, stirring up the ancient sands, is it admired
is it honored
waters in the clouds, falling with raw force to the earth, is it glorified
is it
how do you know
how do you know

Brian Hill - 2020 # 168
Well, is it?
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