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Zywa Jan 30
Suddenly it's gone:

no more house, just a mountain --

of mosquitoes there.
Novel "jl." ("recently" - the title also refers to Juno Linnaarts, 2016, Anjet Daanje), chapter April 28th, 1986

Collection "No wonder"
Zywa Sep 2023
I'm one with the earth,

termites mate and start digging --

their cities in me.
Tale "A Change of tongue" (2003, Antjie Krog)

Collection "Skin-contact"
Zywa Sep 2023
The torch shining in

the cesspit, on the masses --

of rising maggots.
Tale "A Change of tongue" (2003, Antjie Krog)

Collection "Stream"
Zywa Apr 2023
The sky is blue and cold today
as if the atmosphere is thinner
and I can sense the void

under which the houses are small
and low, meaningless
fleeting and interchangeable

The old timber factory seems to be leaking
On the right side of the base
smoke rises from the building

as if a reversed draught
through the black chimney hole
absorbs, from distant stars, seas
of gigawatts of power for the city
Jacob van Lennepkade, Amsterdam

Collection "Ifless"
Zywa Jan 2023
One horizon all

round the green sea, here and there --

a cow sailing by.
Collection "Summer birds"
Zywa Feb 2022
Sweetheart, the earth is getting cold
we have to do something
take ourselves by the hand
The guides walk away

in different directions
guided by the wishes
of their followers, that's how

it always goes, whatever you think of it
If only there were guardian angels
with power, not the writers

who meet in this café
no, a Guardian Council
for presidents and scholars

who want to unload graphite powder
on the north pole, throw atomic bombs
upon it, or build a dam

in the Bering Strait, with pumps
on peaceful nuclear energy
finishing the job

Yet... all of us, we
must do it ourselves, guard each other
with wings of compassion and reason
Against the cooling of the earth:
Petr Borisov in 1956: dam with pumps
Petr Borisov in 1958: graphite powder
Julian Huxley in 1945: atomic bombs

Café De Engelbewaarder in Amsterdam

Collection "The drama"

— The End —