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  Apr 27 Rhea Sheilah
Shaun Yee
In The Secret Garden,
Unseen by human eyes,
Are Elves and flowered Fairies,
Near where Crystal Fountain lies

To find this hidden place,
Follow the Rainbow Tracks,
Look out for Goblin Mushrooms,
Just beneath the Mountain Cracks

'tis here that you will hear,
Music from Nightingales,
The Mystic Door will open,
Only when the twilight pales
  Apr 2021 Rhea Sheilah
lost cause
if i wrote my future
all would be changed
from the way i was raised
to the thoughts in my brain
if i wrote my future
no love would be lost
so i’d stand right beside you
no matter the cost
if i wrote my future
i’d bring nothing but peace
and save you from sorrow
and the darkness that creeps
if i wrote my future
you’d still be here
but you wrote my future
and i did nothing
but stare
  Mar 2021 Rhea Sheilah
“Falling in love” is a contradiction in itself, because in love there is only the rising, the ascending, not the falling.
You can not fall in love, but rather, rise.
  Jan 2021 Rhea Sheilah
Dear me,
Don't just sit
Rise, and pursue greatness.

Don't just watch
Go after what you want.

Don't just exist
Strive and start living.

Don't just dream
Work hard and aim for success.

Don't get tired
Keep hiking until you get to the peak.
Rhea Sheilah Oct 2020
Hold me in public
As much as you do in bed.
I survive on PDA
Hold my hand. Kiss my forehead. Give me random hugs and if you are strong enough [Coz I am a +size :) ]carry me. In other words, mark your territory.
  Oct 2020 Rhea Sheilah
Is it the words whispered
in secret corridors
i love you

are they proclaimed boldly
from roof tops

Or maybe love
sounds like laughter
giggles shared only between two

what if love has no noise
its beauty is similar to a sunset
seen and felt
but never heard
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