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  Mar 11 Rhea Sheilah
I want you
To Love me
I'm not sure
Because you still
Love him
So right now
I'm just
A friend
Until you realize
That I want more than
And you leave
Like the rest of them
There is a man who loves me
I didn't know him
But still, he loves me

I pushed him away from me
But he's still here and he loves me

I didn't even believe what he's saying
But he encourages me and he loves me

I mocked him and judged him
But he looks at me with love for he does

I didn't listen him and wandered off
But he's still guiding me because he loves me

I didn't talk to him and I ignored him
But he's still waiting for me because he loves me

I lied, I cursed, I got angry, I sinned
Despite all that, he loves me still

I turned my back against him
But he still got my back because he loves me

I'm selfish, hot-tempered, proud and stubborn
But he still cares for me because he loves me

I ignored him, ignored him and ignored him
But he's always there for me because he loves me

So I asked...

Who is this man who loves me?

Who is this man who loves me inspite of and despite?

Who is this man who loves me still?

And I got a reply...

He is the man who died for love

The man who lived to die for you

The man who died for his love for you.

Then he asked me back...

Where else can you get a love like this?

You aren't worthy of his love, but he still gave it to you.

Isn't he worthy enough to be loved back?

Won't you love him back?
Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
the first poem that i wrote that made me cry
Rhea Sheilah Oct 2019
A girl at 28
with a stable income
and a good academic record
is still considered a failure
just because she is not married

A girl at 20
Doesn't have a degree in anything
Doesn't earn even a cent per month
Is considered successful
Just because she is married

What is in marriage
that society finds it to be the ultimate measure of success?
Especially in African countries, society has made us believe that until you are married, you are not successful. Irrespective of all the achievements you have, marriage is the ultimate measure of success. This is partly to blame for the unhappy marriages and high divorce rates we are currently experiencing.  Get married when you find it necessary and on your own terms, don't be pressured in to it.

Even when you think it is time to be married, make sure you are capable financially and mentally to stay in that marriage. And it works both ways, both men and women need to be financially independent before they get married.
  Aug 2019 Rhea Sheilah
The day he went away
I didn't know what I would do
So I took all the clams
Examined their insides
Then understood
That this is what the world is about
  Jul 2019 Rhea Sheilah
I wouldn't praise our love today,
I won't dedicate you any song.
Not because something's not right
But because I'm afraid.
So I will admire us and let it live on.
  Jun 2019 Rhea Sheilah
You asked me who I want to be, so here’s my answer:


I want to walk above the ground
I want to give my thank you speech
And wear the crown

I want to open my voice
I want to tell them exactly how I feel
And not give a **** about their ideals

I want room to grow from a fraction to a whole
I want my world to revolve around ME
And be able act fierce and carefree

I want to be the woman that intrigues strangers
I want to bravely approach them with friendly banter
And have spontaneous encounters that brings on laughter

I want to be someone more like me
Inspired by someone from this site, when he asked me "Who do you want to be"
Thank You :-)
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