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EA Jun 10
I did **** my hope of the comeback
But I included the hope of getting better
hihihi no dramas here
EA May 31
Yes, I'm shutting everyone out
But you were always someone special
You'll always have this place
In my mind
In my heart
In my soul
In my life
Even if I left and told you to let me go
You can still count on me

I may be out of reach for sometimes but I'm still here, okay???
EA May 30
Please don't miss me when I'm gone
Hate me for leaving
Hate me for deciding
Without consulting you
To my safe haven who sees himself as a horrible ruthless man
Shhhh for me, you are simply amazing and great

Hmmm now, I'll give you the advice you are telling me

Live, love living
Self care

Don't lose yourself
EA Apr 17
It might be painful right now
But one day, it won't
Not anymore
EA Apr 17
Letting go doesn't mean I'll leave
Im just taking another path
And not bringing you with me

As painful as it is, I need to do so
Or else what will be left?
Both of us broken and torn-
Plan B :)
EA Apr 6
I wish I can hug and kiss you right now
Whispering all the love and pain away
imy bb
EA Mar 31
I used to have a butterfly
A butterfly with a broken wing

Everyday, I give my time and efforts
But one day, I lost it
I realized my butterfly left me
I went crazy and spouting nonsense

"I cant live without you"
"I don't want to lose something so important"

I repeatedly said as I try to find it
Which I finally did

As I'm guiding it back
I realized, Im trapping my beautiful broken butterfly

Being with me is not home but a tight prison

So I'll let my butterfly to decide
I'll give the freedom that it deserves

And on the process,
I'm breaking down the prison
And do changes

Because I really love this butterfly
My beautiful broken butterfly

And I'll do what I can
So It will stay here with me again
Im obsessed with my butterfly 🦋
You decide bb
EA Mar 27
As you were drowning
deeper to the ocean of "me"
I was trying to fly
Higher to reach the sky of you

As I try to hold you
Bring you with me here
I can't because you are meant to be there
Up, higher, greater than me

But it doesnt mean I'll stop
I'll do anything in my will and power
To get to you, to be on you level
To be with you

I'll accompany as we get higher until we reach the peak- our dreams
I'll get stronger throughout the journey
All because of you- us

Let's stop drowning ourselves
Let's float, fly, soar the vastness of sky
this is a gift for someone
raw feelings <3
EA Mar 23
I will be strong someday
You'll see

And when that happens,
Can I bring back to life the hopes that I buried?
is it really possible to do that?
EA Mar 23
Work for everything
Fix yourself
Don't stay as a messed up

You are more than this

I am more than this
We all are
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