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EA Sep 2021
We are breaking our promises to each other
That's how horrible we are

We won't compete who is worse

I just know you are better

And wishing you all the best
On what life can offer

First thing life is offering you
Is a future
me :)
Its more like message that I can't say
That person can't read this anyways
EA Sep 2021
Billions stars we can gaze up the sky
Each of them twinkling
But there is this one star that caught my eye

That star might not shine bright like the others
But the light it gave filled me
With emotions that I couldn't name

You're this star that I couldn't stop looking
Even on a bright day, I'll look up and find you
But you are much more shining on the dark
I wrote this on and for someone's birthday
It's kinda raw and didn't make sense that much
But what I feel... Yeah
EA Sep 2021
I learned that
I'm not worthless
Because I've been used
In different circumstances
By different people
And I let them
EA Sep 2021
"I quit"

No one will ever know
How those two words
Gave me

No one will ever know
That it's one of my drivers
To give up on EVERYTHING

No one will ever know
It has left a deep wound
That will never heal
That will still bleed
That will still hurt
That will leave a deep scar

No one will ever know
Those words from you
Became my own

"I quit"
You won't be able to read this anyways since you don't care :)
I don't care too
GaryFairy Sep 2021
we only got to see the bad things that trump does, and not seeing the symbolism of just his name - a trumpet is called a trump in every older book, and language...if and when they show trump and others doing something good, they will change...wait...maybe buiding temples and motels in other countries is good

we frown upon it yet do similar things and the poorest people will vote for trump again...i don't vote because i have faith, and when you have faith, you know you'll be ok as a whole, even if they won't

we are all a potential jesus, and a potential god, and that's what they want us to be

brought to you by the whole me, with material to patch a hole in us

funded by no money, but learning what i thought i hated, but i loved....benjamin franklin used what they call witchcraft then, and i found my own craft through him...he was closest to god by taking what was in front of fact it goes deeper...the theory of relativity was proven by franklin
EA Aug 2021
It hurts
That I expected you
To understand me
You know me better
Than myself
dont care anymore ig
EA Aug 2021
It's heavy
Happy memories
won't happen again
EA Aug 2021
I'm changing
For the better?
I'm not sure

But I know
I'm not overthinking
I'm overdoing
They told me it's bad :>
EA Aug 2021
Talking to random people
All of them
Telling me
To live


I'm waiting for the end
EA Jul 2021
When I tried
To open my heart again
You left

When I tried
To recover from that ...
I can't
I can't

I can't
I can't ...
Even though im kinda used to people leaving me
It is still painful
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