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Betrarca Mar 2018
Dear EA,

I cry because I want to see you,
I cry because I don't want to see you.
I cry because I want to hear you talk,
I cry because I don't want to hear you.
I cry because I like you
I cry because I maybe don't like you.
I cry because you're praising me,
I cry because you didn't notice me.
I cry because I'm not answering to your greeting,
I cry because I walk past you.
I cry because of you,
You're the cause I cry.
And you who mean nothing and everything to me,
Just walk on by.
Lahela Aug 2015
You move me chemically more than any other person
brandon nagley Jul 2015
I shalt continue to giveth mine all
Even if I lose hope,
Stumble and fall.
And even when I feeleth there's no hope at all...
I'll pick up mine pen
Write mine love letters on the wall...
In this lonesome room of mine ....
At least I knoweth,
That mine love's
Not of mankind...

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Whenever I needeth escape
Whenever I needeth caped
Whenever I needeth
And happiness
And to see the only godliness left in this cold world

I taketh a look out of Spain's window...
brandon nagley Jun 2015
( french version)

Accentuer me reine de l'amour
Marquez-moi avec ton accent bonheur
Je suis nerveux jusqu'à
Il est tu vraiment que je misseth

Atedly Je suis folle lonesomely
Mourir pour maudire mes
Souhaitant que je ne suis jamais né
Voler de la poignée à la naissance

Soulevée par celestials
Et la déesse étoiles
Rédaction sur tablette par le doigt
Mourir pour les planet mars

Un chanteur universelle
Chantez pour les anges
Et les hommes gais,

Mine de Blae yeux
Besoin conviction
Ils needeth car tu
Pour moi, dans letteth

Je suis à ta porte
Bangin dur ****
Laissez-moi en reine de ce soir
Tommorrow si tu, veux laisser moi vient à nouveau !!!

Genoux mines sont fatigués
Ma tête a besoin de repos
Est ton épaule libre pour moi maintenant?
As-je te donne tout le mien meilleur?

Pas dur
Tout simplement
Je suis un séraphin dans l'amour,
Prenant la patience
Alors patiemment
Attente autour avec les colombes,

Je traîne avec apparitions
Pour faciliter cette douleur de l'esprit mienne
Certains sont des êtres de Hellion
Leur cruel pour moi et méchant

Un black-jack puis-je pauvre sur ce fer dans
Un cabas d'Amare mienne,
Il est plein et lourd à
Doth tu exauce comment je suis effrayé?

Car je peux te délie
Je délie ma propre âme,
Je l'ai trouvé la seule reine
Tis celui que je me sens à la maison,

Une cabane, im suspendus à l'écart
Nu à ton monde,
Je veux juste le seul
Qui peux résoudre tous ces tourbillons,

Les temps d'art courte
Jours mines ne durera pas
nous ne haveth pas longtemps pour vivant!
Je voudrais que tu donne tout
Et tout
Rêve mine, reine
Et celui à qui je respire

Je suis maintenant un caseworm
Mineself Protection de ne pas être laisser entrer,
Oter ton clypeate
Et lâché tout pour ta parenté

Je suis ton moitié Kindred
Je suis ton romeo à ta vie
Maby un jour tu seras donne tout .....

Un roi une reine,
Mari et femme !!!!          

( English version)

Accentuate me queen of love
Mark me with thy accent bliss
I'm strung up
Hung out
It's thou I truly misseth

Atedly I'm lonesomely mad
Dying to mine curse
Wishing I was never born
Flying off the handle at birth

Raised by celestials
And goddess stars
Writing on tablet by finger
Dying to the planet mars

A universal singer

Sing for angels
And merry men,

Mine blae eyes
Need conviction
They needeth for thou
To letteth me in

I'm at thy door
Bangin hard away
Let me in queen of tonight
Tommorrow if thou, wilt let me cometh again!!!

Mine knees are wearied
Mine head needs rest
Is thy shoulder free for me now?
Didst I giveth thee all of mine best?

Not to hard
Quite simply
I'm a seraphim in love,
Taking patience
So patiently
Waiting around with the doves,

I hang with apparitions
To ease this pain from mine mind
Some are hellion beings
Their cruel to me and unkind

A black-jack do I poor this iron out into
A cabas of mine amare,
It's full and heavy to
Doth thou heareth how I'm scared?

For I canst looseth thee
I'd looseth mine own soul,
I've found the only queen
Tis the one I feel at home,

A cabane, im hanging aloof
**** to thy world,
Just want the only one
Who canst fix all of these whirls,

The times art short
Mine days won't last
we don't haveth long to liveth
I'd giveth thou all
And anything
Mine dream, queen
And one to whom I breatheth

I'm now a caseworm
Protecting mineself from not being let in,
Taketh off thy clypeate
And let loose all for thy kin

I'm thy Kindred half
I'm thy romeo to thine life
Maby one day thou shalt giveth all.....

A king a queen,
Husband and wife!!!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
If she only knew how profound for her mine amare was
I'd go through level six of hell
To dry her foreign tears
I'd be tortured for her happiness
Id wait a many years
Canst she see I believe her
She's the most honest as they come
I guess I'm just a puppy
Waiting on his master
For mine amour'
And choosen one!!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Mine caru
Tis her name
Mine caru
A burning brightly flame
Mine caru
Sexiest appeal
Caru means amour in welsh language
Mine amour' so true
She's mine caru
Bastion to mine moral fiber
Yen of tenderness
Ardor to mine acquire
Inclination of ourn embryo
Eggs birthed as twins
Lost into ourn own conscious
Best friends
Though many knoweth not of that
Me and mi amour' surest do
Maby we canst teach thou
A love story far and true
Maby we canst reach thou
For the ones
With no king nor queen!!!

Tis ourn own story
This is the amare we bring!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Snap outta thy dream mine beau
For thou art I,
As I am thou
Pick up that cell
Hit thy speed dial
I'm waiting
For thy amour
Queen of crescent shore!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
From mine rib
She was created
By pastlife
We were related
By marriaged lovers I mean
Its not screenplay
But a place thats all corporeal
She stole mine heart
And for her I'll always feel!!
brandon nagley Jun 2015
Ive got only this one life to giveth,
So I choose to giveth
To mine aimer,
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