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Arianna Oct 2018
Drifting daydreams:
Of cotton snow and you,
Of the lazy daisy Delta blues
On honeysuckle afternoons;

Those heart-of-August, bluebell eves
Blooming powdery and warm
Around the magnolia tree
Where together, in time,
We’d have placed candles
And fairy offerings.

Now the years blossom long between us,
Though your fingerprints I see
Still peppering the dust
Strewn over the piano keys;
Your hands haunting:
Ghosts of a waltz,
Dancing rosy gymnopédies ⸺

How I held them dear!

Good times ⸺

A clair de lune rhapsody.
Picking memories from my garden,
And gathering them in a bouquet for you. :-)

"Gymnopédie No. 1" by Erik Satie:

Also, "Clair de Lune" by Claude Debussy
jayant om Feb 2018
You were that devastating thunderstorm
which, was the most beautiful tragedy happened to me
we are not together now, as it was never on the cards.
nothing is fine and I am worst without you
I don't want you anymore (I say)
I need you, in every step (I know)
You were that endless joy
which is now endless pain
I tried to forget all the moments spent with you
and, ended up in, remembering you all the times
those also were tears which never came out from my eyes
the pain was also that which I never told.

I remember all those dreams
which, we wove together
they were lovely.

I remember the soft touch of your lips, that naïve shamelessness  
I remember everything
I remember all that happened
I remember all the things

I remember that rain in which,
we got drenched together
there was a flame inside us
while we were soaked (In the droplets of rain)
what was that carelessness,
In those moments spend together which passed, yet not passed

I remember such evenings (we spent together)  
when you slept by my side
I kept looking at you,
I remember everything
I remember all that happened
I remember all the things
I am that broken glass which never binds

— The End —