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Chineze Nov 19
Perfection is a mirage and even in me cannot be found
Beneath these flaws and differences
Are the sounds of hearty laughters
And the memories of rapt listening with untainted smiles.
What more can a friend cherish and desire?
I still find a friend in you.
  Aug 2018 Chineze
uzzi obinna
I was lost in the darkness,
Overwhelmed by sadness,
Life lost its meaning,
And became depressing;

I was a terrible fool,
To think the thoughts are cool,
That says only you,
Can make me whole and new,

But i found a way,
Grew stronger everyday,
The darkness is over,
I've found another lover.
Chineze May 2018
I wanted to try again with the dying ember for a countless time
As I remembered there was nothing worth going back to,
The smoke ebbed and died.
Now I know I would never try again
Chineze Sep 2017
Honey, don't you think it's time you stop hurting yourself?
To all those hurting
  Aug 2016 Chineze
uzzi obinna
I have cried the tears of the distress,
Borne  the pain of the hurt,
Felt the loneliness of the bereaved,
And the agony of the distraught;

I have bled the blood of the pierced,
Borne the pain of the broken-hearted,
Endured the shame of the abused,
And the confusion of the disappointed;

A black cross inprinted on my back,
Wailings of little children haunt me,
Ashes of loved ones in my sack,
And many skulls and bones to bury;

Crows dominate my chapel at day,
And owls are my visitors at night,
Dragons parade the burning altar,
Bats above blur the moonlight;

Eyes that see in darkness- answer me,
My past unchanged but my future- re-design,
Illuminate the path way that lies ahead,
Give me a third eye and make me divine;

Find me before my throat is slit
The murderers of my loved ones visits,
They call out from the enchanted woods,
Prepared to tear me to innumerable pieces;

Take me to the lake and hang me,
Before the horrors of the dark prevail,
And the termites in my grave rejoice,
Let me drown in the sacred grail;

Let the witches wail in surprise,
When their cauldron becomes empty,
And their synagogues come to ruin,
While i rise to everlasting suprimacy.
  Jul 2016 Chineze
Valsa George
For long, my house has been lying deserted
My gate has not been opened wide to let in anyone
No guest has so far come to visit me
Tired of distant wanderings
I have come here to listen to the beat of silence
Occasionally broken by the sound
Of birds' laughing wings overhead
Here I have brooding shadows for company
Hermit like I wrap myself in my solitude

Now abruptly when you announce your arrival
I feel excited and equally perplexed
What shall I serve you? I am at a loss
My hearth has not been lighted for long
And my kitchen pots remain empty
I know I should serve you
Something chilled or warm
In my menu, I have a simple surprise
But not of the edible kind
Nor delectable to your palate
But as I have known you since long
I hope it will appease you

In poetry’s platter
I shall serve my thoughts warm,
Garnered in the lonely hours
Of my solitude!

The only dish I have!
  Jul 2016 Chineze
The only part of my day
That I look forward to
Is when I go to bed
And lay there making up scenarios
In my head.

I think of comebacks
To 8th grade bullies.
I think of witty retorts
To my mother's snide comments.
I think of intelligent things to add
To conversations I had months ago.

I think of all the things
I was too scared to say.

And in my mind
I say them.
And pretend how things would be different
If only I had the courage to speak.
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