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Chineze Feb 2
From strangers to strangers,
Again I mourn the death of a beautiful beginning and a chaotic progression.
Chineze Feb 2
I'm afraid of what I have become

Perhaps, you will make me remember I used to be capable of loving,

Perhaps I will make you regret loving me.

I don't know, can't make promises.

I'm still a mess.

Stick by me at your own risk.
Chineze Jul 2020
When I remember all the people I knew that passed away.

I keep wondering; Were their spirits standing next to their bodies watching all the wailing and weeping ?

Were they saying.  "hey stop crying I can see you!. ..Can't you see me?. I'm here ...I've not left"

Were they tired of not being heard, couldn't stand the tears then started off a lonely walk into eternity?
or maybe they were escorted by a host of angels ?

These answers I do not know....

What I know for sure is.. no matter how frequent death visits, it sure hurts afresh like hell!
To the many candles of our loved ones that lit off on earth, I pray they keep shining forever in eternity!
Chineze Nov 2019
Perfection is a mirage and even in me cannot be found
Beneath these flaws and differences
Are the sounds of hearty laughters
And the memories of rapt listening with untainted smiles.
What more can a friend cherish and desire?
I still find a friend in you.
  Aug 2018 Chineze
uzzi obinna
I was lost in the darkness,
Overwhelmed by sadness,
Life lost its meaning,
And became depressing;

I was a terrible fool,
To think the thoughts are cool,
That says only you,
Can make me whole and new,

But i found a way,
Grew stronger everyday,
The darkness is over,
I've found another lover.
Chineze May 2018
I wanted to try again with the dying ember for a countless time
As I remembered there was nothing worth going back to,
The smoke ebbed and died.
Now I know I would never try again
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