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cv Jun 2016
one thing you've learnt from the wars you have fought
was that when one life sparks out,
the rest of the world will keep on going.

but you keep on waking up,
expecting to see him by his side of the bed
with his immaculate blond hair and that wrinkle between his brows that won't ever go away--
because how can he not be there
when his scent strongly lingers still?

you keep on making tea for two,
expecting him to walk down the stairs
with the graceful strides you have long since associated with him--
because why wouldn't he do so
when his favorite mug sits by the dinner table still?

you keep on announcing an "i'm home" to an empty house,
expecting to hear a voice from the kitchen saying:
"i made dinner" or that rare "i brought takeout"--
because how can that not be
when his dress shoes lie by the entrance door still?

one thing you've learnt from the wars you have fought
was that when one life sparks out,
the rest of the world will keep on going.

another thing you've learnt:
you can't keep on going.

(but you have to.
because "he wouldn't have wanted this for you".)
oh, darling, our love burnt as bright as a supernova.
it ended just as well.
Sally A Bayan Mar 2016
Every death
I have felt, or known,
In silence, i mourn,
Within my breath...

No words come upfront
Just thoughts, preponderant...

I'd feel the freezing cold of an empty space
Feel the absence...clearly imagine a lost face
No smiles, spanning from cheek to cheek
Eyes, seek answers...
suddenly, I'm there by the shallow water of the creek
While some nearby creatures quietly chirp...and squeak
While I......... I could not even speak...

Is realizing...and accepting
At the right time, they turn brown, the weeds...and reeds,
But, under the water...waiting, growing...are their seeds
Brown ferns...are almost detached from a mossy concrete wall
With a strong current, and wind, they'd be carried...ready to fall

The driftwood lying by the always wet, but petrified
Brown fallen leaves, on the green more hold...crisp and dried,
The dead bark of a pieces...are crumbling...
Merging with the wet a process of fertilizing
Deep down under ....a fresh spark of life is starting.
All these, remind,
Life and death stand side by side,
That in the midst of death-
Something new is birthed...
When faced with death,
there is always someone's living breath
And, as long as the heart wills to beat
Then, life.....will still exist.

Hundreds, or a thousand times,  
We all have died
In the high and low of life's tides,

We remember
Those who have left
Those who have survived..are still around
We think of those who are next to leave,
Waiting for their chests' final heave

---And then, we think of ourselves---

Worry not of our own time
Make each of our remaining days
Be golden, beaming, and bright
With good deeds, and straight pathways

The earth is a moving circle
It makes a it spins
We try to live outwards....and then, within
Any way we live is an endless cycle.


Copyright March 23, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
May Asher Dec 2015
No matter how loud I dream,
I might still be drowning deep

Into the silver your delusional eyes scream
And Into the rain the sky weeps

You kept my dream protected within your fist,
the secret dream that I built from dust.

I gave you all of me over and over,
And I kept sinking lower and lower.

I sank into the realization that it's real,
I was torn and It was so hard to believe

And through the mist,
You promised, We'll rise again

And told me that you'll keep your promises
And won't just run away like others did

But still your gone and I can't find you.
I search the sky and my gaze lands on the same star.

I die again and again wondering if that's where you live,
But an illusion of your smile is all you ever give.

My soul is riven with cracks so deep and I think,
maybe someday they'll break through the surface of my skin.

Honey, please come back to me again,
Please don't let another wish go in vain
Raghu Menon Oct 2015
Some times
We freeze
We stop living
We stop thinking
We become blank

We forget our surroundings
We become blind
We forget to remember
We fail to react

We die momentarily
In dark space
We come across
Such small deaths many times
In our lives
Especially when whom we consider
So dear and near
Depart us …

Seems like we are lost for ever,
even when we are in the midst of a crowd
When we lose the energies of those who are nearby
When we fail to connect

We feel the emptiness of the complexities that surround us
The work that has been done, remaining to be done
Does it really matter what we do?
Or what we live for?

Does it really matter that we live?
In the vast timeline of the universe
Where do we stand?
The infinitely  negligible
Portion of the man in the entire universe?
Cari Hannaford Sep 2015
Dreams are where we go to when reality seems to blow

Dreams are where we go to when we're feeling lost in the dark

Because that's where things tend to come true

Lost in this generation where the only things that matter are *** and alcohol

We've seem to have lost touch in what our imagination is for

Our imagination is for the thoughts and wonders about the world

Our imagination is to look at things we have never seen before

Our imagination is what makes us different

But our imagination seems to be lost in this world just like this generation

There's too many deaths of the young ones
There's too many grave stones piling up

What happened to this generation and why can't it be stopped?

Its rare to actually seen a happy teenager with all these demons breaking out

So to all you depressed teens out there

How about bring back your imagination and let it run free

Dreams those unforgettable dreams  and dont let those demons break free

Dont let the demons break free
Pankaj Thakur May 2015
I was in my room,
Am just thinking,
About law and rules,
Is this world is crazy or fool,,,,

No body knows,
Who made us,
Who chase us,
And who destroy us,,,,,

The world is because of us,
We are not because of world,
Then why this world,
Rule over on us,,,,,

People wants to live,
They wants to fly,
Someone leaving the hopes,
And day by day going to die,,,,,

This world is freek,
Want to live a life,
there is nobody cheap,
because this time am listen my heart from deep,,,,

In this world,
God creates the rules,
World creates the law,
Everything is going to destroy,
It was the end of the world,
That i  was saw.......!
people leave the thing, places when they get tired from them
Arlo Disarray Jan 2015
Twenty four years of being told
        You're not good enough
                That you're nothing
And to disappear
            wouldn't hurt a soul
      Not one would miss the girl
   Who spends her days
         feeding crows in the cemetery
Asking them
     why no one loves her
As she counts the deaths she sees
      One by one they keep coming
   Souls of friendships,
       once a lovely melody in her ear
Now, nothing but a faint whisper that says

"I would say goodbye, but you were never even here."
paribhasha yadav Jan 2015
and as i saw his body
wrapped in white
i cried.

then something inside me said
hey! you silly girl!
he loved your laughter.

so i laughed my loudest.

they thought i was weak. not facing the truth.

all i knew was that his face looked the brightest when he smiled.

he must be watching me. he must have smiled.
i know he did.
i love you so much baba. and i know you know.
Zainab Attari Dec 2014
The smallest coffins are the heaviest!
The smallest coffins are the heaviest!
No one wears stained clothes
No person likes stained walls
We make sure that they are cleaned
We make sure it is all stainless

But on a colourless Tuesday
Terrorists spilled red all over a school
They ransacked the classrooms
They set a teacher on fire

They shot aimlessly at tiny hearts and hands
They murdered their future
They banged bullets through budding brains
And all that was left were stains.

Terrorists stained crisply ironed uniforms
They spilled blood in corridors once filled with colourful paintings
They blemished the thoughts of little souls
They damaged the hearts of parents young and old.

Terrorists persist in staining their hands
They exult in staining their nation
They stain the meaning of Islam
They stain the words of Allah in the holy Quran

The redness of young blood will haunt them
These red pigments will soak them into hell
These blotches won’t be disregarded
These stains will sustain till eternity!

-Zainab Attari
#PeshawarAttack 16th December 2014 is a day no human will forget. We are deeply sorry for the loss of all the families, we are all with you dear people of Peshawar! Let's #FightBackTerrorism because we cannot afford losing a single drop of blood of anymore innocent lives.
Clem C Dec 2014
in no sense, don't make dollars to donuts, for what

you be, causation of grief, and grieving, of parents dis-
believing, of siblings, now lonelier or only children, the list goes


and on,

to my horror, that you make war, taking away child-
like play times, balling up the air from lungs and replacing it with fire,

                                                          ­                                  so much ire

                                                            ­                    so much more ire, in
self-appointed masters of a three ring circus,

poison seeds always find fertile ground, as that

is what dirt does,

seeds and dirt, with your toxic oil-less spill, you pack up your

tents and take it to where the people are, living their lives, too

intent on making ends

meet, that they don't see the clouds of dark-
ness, like some mythical monster which is only

talked about when there is a death toll,
                                               tower bells toll,
that they could be ringing forever in your ears,

(until they and you both melt in hell)

and your ears hear the sound of children's voices,

laughing loudly at play forever clearly.
(read screaming for their parents,
                    through pain,
                          their tears and heartbreak)

surely you lit your own fires flames, using Newspapers

with stories covering your infamy,

too bad there can't be a media ban on the (         )
there is no honour in this fully your shame.
2014-12-16....title reflects the numbers I heard on this day... as they day go forward, there maybe more, I am not changing the title, as it was what I knew when I first heard.

141 children and 2 from a cafe on another continent
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