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Erik T Blaze Jul 2020
Hard Topics more or less Essential?
To speak your mind raise your voice
Your choice

Life fundamentals which are potentially not fun to mention or list them in a Corrupt System
That is Systematically

Absurd to merge these choice words
with opposing verbs
To please the Masses

Seeing how The Watchers watch
and observe from an Orbital distance

For they have their Watchmen and henchmen but not to be confused with
Jehovah's true or 2 witness

For the rings of Saturn have
dangerous curves

These here I recognize as anti-Christ like
or anti-Christian affiliated or anything
remotely anti-Christ or anti-

Like a one world Religion

I'm talking NWO false prophetic enlisted
Tricksters mixed in with vicious
Political figures

No figment of my imagination
hearsay or a conspiracy with a twist

I'm just down for exposing
Who's Who
Call me a Conspiracist
with a list

No.. better yet
I'm more like a Realist
with a real list

And no I'm not Heaven sent
or Hell bent on the descension of
your opinions

Because I have my own Ascension
to ascend to

With other worldly entities from other
Dimensions against me
Who hate me for being Christ affiliated
and Christ opinionated

With a whole unholy Nation sanctioned
to alienate me with more hatred?
Big Mistake

For I'll just debate it as being Under-estimated
And hold true to the Essentials
of Life fundamentals
Another one of my older writes 5 years ago
Ava Cullinan Sep 2019
Black and colourful
like stars in the night sky
twinkling- no sparkling
like a blazing fire
I can feel their warmth

I can’t look away
their angelic beauty possesses me
controlling my actions
dominating my thoughts
forcing me to feel

They make me
hear when I’m not listening
see when I’m not looking
feel when I’m not touching

When I gaze into your eyes I am paralized
I am lost

Oh I love your eyes
Your eyes
They are black
What if I’m not the good guy?
I’ve been thinking about this lately, because I don’t think anyone sees themselves as the bad guy, as the villain, but some of us definitely are.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Those who serve halos
under the false light won't bring
Age of quintessence

Those who tread the path
under the true light know that
love destroys the dark
I've always believed that there is more to this world than meets the eye.
I've always thought it then, and it hasn't changed now.
Be back soon.
Lyn ***
Erin Nicole Nov 2017
They say that there is good and evil in everyone's heart
with me there's more
It feels like inside my mind is a never ending war
Some are good
Others are evil
Yet some who just want to fight
this mental war is killing me slowly
Please let it end
Haych Jan 2017
the problem
with heroes
is that everyone thinks
they're perfect
until they're not.

its almost as if
people can't stand to deal
with the dark sides of people that exist*

nobody likes discovering
the skeletons that we keep
they'll tell you they care
that they'll always be there
that there's nothing
that could ever
change their mind
until something does

then suddenly
curtains are closed
all good that has once been done
disappears into smoke

people love to say
tell me the truth over a lie any day
but when truth comes knocking
*suddenly they're the ones running away
Erin Nicole Nov 2016
My thoughts put me into a deep slumber sending me deeper and deeper into the woods of thinking. The thoughts flood my mind, the thoughts of good and evil. The thoughts of you over power the evil, the good takes over and I smile in the deep sleep. I love you, I want you by me, you are life, you are love. You save me.
You awake me from that deep sleep. Every good thought is you. Wishing you were by me, Fearing that I will lose you, how I have never known love till you, how I will always be there no matter what, how I will never do anything that will risk my life again, and so much more.
As my mind explodes with thoughts of the most amazing person person, my world brightens, the thoughts of you flooding thru.
I love you with all my heart, to the moon and back.
Sean Hastings Sep 2015
You were an angel from afar
Perfectly flawless, amazingly simple
And complex all at the same time
You were a divine messenger to
Bring good to this world, you had
You’re eyes set to me
I was going to be the next one you
Saved when you saw me out on the
But it was too late for that, my soul
Was already signed away to the devil
Already ****** without a hope
But you still came to me, so maybe
Instead of saving me you can bless
Me once more before the devil comes
To claim what’s his?
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
It creeps
inside company we keep,
latching on
I beseech
You to reach
forward and teach
me to escape thy leech.
the darkened soul
always on patrol
Looking to take hold
of *souls made of gold.

My dear soul so old.
Filled one thousand forms before me,
and in the morning it may come
A darkened soul  adores me,
Now I spend eternity on the run.
You were never for me
But to me you held a gun,
"Forget any other for me."
"No no, you are not the one."
Even the brightest soul made just for me,
**can not compare to the love of the Sun.
Jennifer Weiss Nov 2014
So you just-
Go around spreading hate
and whatever you feel *inside.

Go around stealing light
and dulling the shines,

of every happy soul that,
couldn't go to that
dark place
you hide.

I wish I didn't see that
You could not believe that
Inside me burns
all my past lives

Oh yeah,
but it's okay you will learn some day,
the worst you fear is surely on its way
I will never bend
or give in
with my ways

**All that is good lives to die some other day.
My sort of parody of Lyin King by Jhene Aiko.
hehe it was inspired by some particularly
nasty, dark, hateful words I just read.
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