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zero Aug 2017
At night when the wind howls and the creeps begin to crawl
I have to stop, sit and think through it all.
how the days aren't long
how the nights are longer,
the thoughts that invade eventually get louder.
the images that grow will eventually get stronger.
and the fight you have to fight will be inevitably get harder.
I have to think about my being
about my future and my soul,
the god that is up there has no control
over its creations, its worthless bags of bones
that derive pleasure from breaking each other with all that we know,
and forcing them to believe the monstrosities that they believe because of their skin tone.
and when this captain goes down with its ship,
their god will fall from it's throne and into us
setting us into calm and sleep.

Without this creator we have no need for quarrels
for without its teachings we would have no morals
on gender, sexuality or the complexion of our pigments

without its guidance we would have grown stronger,
realising we are all fighters in the best way possible;
we would understand that the thoughts that invade
are merely society driven actions that they need to evade
or the images that shock and appal you are those of love and happiness,
the fight we have to fight turns out to be the war between loving ourselves and loving others.

We will realise that in the future its will be brighter,
in the morning your thoughts will be lighter
the fights we will have to fight will be weaker

We need to learn to stop those nights when our pain outways our pride and  imagine a life that isn't so wide.
How bland and dismal it would be,
filled with lifeless clones each as boring as the next, like that was the key.
We need to see that we are better than that.
We need to see that we are        f r e e
So stop preaching a dying cause,
stop paraphrasing books written 35,000 years ago
and repeat after me;
Because if we do have a creator, it's doing a ****** job of our nation's children.
We deserve better than the life it has given us.
for the people of earth, I salute.
Em Sep 2018
The ideology of love appears to be beautiful and easy.

The concept of love though, is just one of those things that seems to be easy  

but the reality is quite complicated and unappealing

and most important of all, tragic.

. . . actually,

Maybe love was tainted by your toxic hands

What if love is beautiful but loving you is why such disasters struck

That maybe to begin with love was never ruined

you, simply ruined love

when I was a young girl I was raised to believe that a man in the clouds always watched over me
watched over me with all knowing sight as long as I prayed to him every night
as long as I blindly worshiped this being I would be happy and healthy and free
but what is freedom when you are alone in a faith that prohibits the dark unknown?

"I am a jealous God," he said, for I was taught to be meek
having faith in what I see is blasphemy
for a fruitful life on earth, my soul I would sell, if that did not sentence me to eternity in ****
spitting, burning demons aflame
forever tortured in this everlasting game
beaten and bruised and ****** below to a place that no one would choose to go
but He loves me

"you must look well, clean up, wear your dress!"
in order to avoid loneliness
you must follow these ten rules
he ignores the world's strife despite his tools
but He loves me

why do we not thank our doctors and mothers?
we thank God instead of the works of others
what has he done? he sits there and stares
he sits and laughs at what is not fair
but He loves me

he needs time
he needs money
he needs blind faith
he needs me to sacrifice my soul
he needs me to sacrifice who I am

...but He loves me
if this poem is offensive to you, don't worry, it offends me, too.
Matthew Feb 21

she goes
   b    y   her
jagged mistakes
cutting open the skin
and watching the blood
down her
blue skirt
the ground is getting
She looking toward her painful
wide open eyes
hands together
praying for the water to run gold
someone else to grab her away
are gone
never existed

Grace under pressure
Dennis Willis Aug 2018
Talk to me

I so believe
your message

intestinally controversial

says things
to the glass of milk

I don't catch
feeling left out

i bite
and with ferocity

I tear off
lionlike gulp it's crusted shoulder

grimacing cruelly while
watching condiments quail

Copyright@2018 Dennis Willis
Courtney Pruitt Oct 2018
Everyone is tryna

like they might


who they are

and who they

Like remembering a password.
It's mentally taxing.

When will they tire
of defining

access to their profile.

Let others define

They are going to

What's the point of
insisting you are
who you are,
when all thats left

is what others thought.

when all that's left
is particulates of dust

clinging to a
dusty mirror.

What were flaws,


What was treasured,


What was controversial,

memories like
s k i p p i n g records.

You know stop
means it's over.
SteamPhunk Feb 2018
Wednesday, 14th of February 2018, 7.00pm,
" breaking news, a mass-shooting happened today in Florida, American authorities are calling this the worst school shooting in U.S.A's history "
6 minutes and 20 seconds,
That's all it took,
17 confirmed dead,
15 injured,
Countless more lives ruined,
All in under 10 minutes,
No parent should ever have to hug their child,
So tight,
Just because it might be the last time they'll ever say goodbye,
No kid should ever have to be afraid of their school hallway,
Or be afraid of who's standing in the classroom doorway,
No kid should ever wonder if this day will be their last,
And no parent should ever have to bury their kid,
Six feet out of their reach,
So this is for Scott,
And for Alyssa,
For Martin,
And for Nicholas,
Not forgetting Aaron,
This goes to Chris,
And Luke,
For Cara,
And for Gina,
Joaquin and Alaina,
Meadow, Helena, and Alex,
Carmen and Peter,
You are all in our hearts,
Let's face it,
The Floridian community of Douglas,
Will never go back to " normal "
So, Washington? Trump?
Riddle us this?
When is this going to be added to your list of " proud American traditions "?
There are too many heavy hearts,
Too many dark days,
Too much chaos and confusion,
For this to be swept under the carpet again,
Just like the last time,
We aren't even a quarter of the way into 2018,
Yet there has been over 30 mass-shootings since the beginning of January,
So here's to the people who aren't accepting the truth,
Who are too " confused " to realize what's going on,
For the people who haven't woken up to the fact,
That there were unidentified bodies,
Sitting cold in that school for over 24-hours,
And do not tell me I am too young to know what I'm talking to you about,
I stand alongside Emma Gonzalez, and the hundreds of young people across the globe,
This isn't just for our lives,
This is for everyone's lives,
Since when did " don't shoot nice people " become such a controversial statement?
Since when did school safety become a debatable, two-sided matter?
So I will join my fellow marchers,
And yell loudly and unapologetically,
Until they hear our voices,
In the words of Emma Gonzalez,
Adults like it when we have strong test scores,
But not when we have strong opinions,
We are Marching For Our Lives,
And this is our legacy.
#enoughisenough #thisendsnow #Iwillmarch #marchforourlives
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