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Louise Oct 2022
Not another boy.
Not another boy with blond hair.
Not another boy with blue eyes.
Not another tall boy.
Not another boy,
you have no chance with.
Louise Jan 2022
I look in the mirror.
I love the way my starved body looks now.
I love the way the bags under my eyes look,
after I haven't slept for weeks.
I love the way my chapped lips look
because I haven't had a sip of water today.
And I love the catches on my body,
from the blade I put to my skin.
TW: Self Harm, ED
Louise Jan 2022
You kiss the sports
with the fresh scars.
Though you don't know about them,
you kiss them ever so gently.
Louise Jan 2022
And the stars started to giggle
as I told them more
about you.
They seemed happy to hear
how happy you make me.
While the moon listened
as I smiled thinking of you.
Louise Jan 2022
you're my stone house.
No matter how much I
huff and puff
you'll continue to stand there
always welcoming me in.
Louise Dec 2021
I kiss your lips.
I kiss your neck.
I look in your eyes.
You wrap your arms around me.
And pull me in.
When I wake up you're gone again.
Louise Oct 2021
What do you want?
More than friends?
A lot more than friends?
I lie through my teeth;
just more than friends.
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