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Louise 10h
You're not talking to me.
Avoiding me.
But the 5 second eye contact we had
felt like everything was back to normal.
Louise Sep 14
You’re bad for my mental health.
And that’s all I can say.
Louise Sep 6
Don't call me perfect while you're
still in love with her.
You called me perfect.
And then told me you loved her.
How could I be perfect if I'm not her?
The perfect not her?
Louise Feb 26
I'm going in circles.
I'm not getting answers.
Can't we just get along?
Can't we just give us a chance?
Even if we just have 2 months left?
Louise Feb 18
I feel hopeless thinking of you.
you just quit trying.
you just quit me.
and for what?
for what?
I don't even know.
And I hope I never will.
Louise Feb 10
Choose a color,
any color,
other than blue.
So you don't choose the same color
he once did.
So you don't choose the same color
that is his favorite.
So you don't choose the same color
as the boy who once hurt me so much.

Instead, you chose red.
Louise Feb 9
With every text, I received from you
a feeling of anxiety came with it.
I was scared.
Every time, I was so scared you would end it.
Until you did end it,
and I had never felt happier.
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