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Seanathon Jun 2019
Within the crackle of a fire

In the voices of the wind

Just beyond the nights first desire

Outside the morning and it’s halo ring
At The Edge Of The Clearing
onlylovepoetry Jul 2017
a companion piece to
miniskirts & high heels vs. poetry & yoga^

a couple of buds at a local dive bar, drinking Buds,
talking loud about technology
and other manly man stuff

attract attention for our conversation isn't bout sports,
get approached by long legs in high heels and a miniskirt,
with the best come on line ever
any woman invented,
"you guys know about computers, huh?"

later after reading twenty or so of her poems,
and learning the degree of difficulty of the
downward facing dog pose
(adho mukha svanasana)
she said:

tell me again how I
clear my cache,
change my font,
add more memory for new memories,
stop auto correct from making wont into want,
so I can happy write

"wont thy thoughts to my heart thereof"

so I obliged and then
the geek in meek wrote
his first poem

after first clearing the catch  
in his throat
Nick Stiltner Jun 2018
I lay in the center of a meadow,
My eyes trail the drifting clouds above,
tracing their paths and drawing sketches on the blue canvas.

Towering evergreen trees surround the meadow,
their leaves creating a ornamental border,
A frame for the flowing sky.

The clouds drift past, into and out of the frame,
a slow parade of shapes
shifting and changing, coming and passing.

This slide show of white swirls dances for me,
in drawn out motions like molasses ebbing from a tree.
They envelope my sight, roots spread from the
back of my head into the meadow floor,
connecting and expanding,
melding me to the ground.

I lay for hours, the clouds morphing to the clear
nights sky, bathing me in moonlight.
Shining stars vibrate, shake in their molds,
and I listen closely to their hushed advice.
Lyn-Purcell May 2018
Blazing aurora
then a little, gold wolf sings
whilst watching the girl
An old haiku that stumbled on while clearing my room.
Seanathon Nov 2017
A surgeon reaches down a path
And walks out with the heart of the woods

Be it beating slow or beating fast
The hikers pray
That the woodlot surgeon puts it back

In the heart of it
Where the woods still belong they once grew strong
Indeed they once grew strong
silvervi Feb 2017
Something very deep inside
Something I have tried to hide
Somewhere farther than my mind

Something I don't understand
Something deep inside my head
Somewhere I can't really get

Something that I just have found
Something big something unproud
Somewhere no one ever got

Something huge
Something new
Something scary

Something I will work out soon
Somewhere only me and moon
Thinking deeply, using time
Feeling like myself and I

Shall the weirdness stop that day
It ain't meant to stay forever
I will deal with it, find the reason why
This new challenge shall begin!
And the light is there to guide
Through the darkness of my mind
Through confusion, through the night.
silvervi Feb 2017
Check in and
Check out
Breath in
And breath out
Let's play
A new game
Insane in the
Figure out
Too much
Feeling Free
Wild Touch
Catching Plays
I am ready
It went heavy
It went steady
Stop and think
Never be
Take your time
For this
A lot more
Than that
Having this
Right now
Makes me Question
Many hours
Until the
Real touch
Worth it
Was it
It is new
To me
We felt same
We felt differently
I'll embrace it now
And I'll take my time
There's no need
For structure
Find the
silvervi Feb 2017
Don't lose
Your knowledge
Don't get lost
In your brain
Something bad
Is surely
The wrong way
But good is
To rethink
The attitude
You have
To question it
In logic
There's a proof
Step further
Don't be worried
Nothing can stop you now
Examine to the fullest

The free feeling
The round
The evident
The present
The beautiful
The rare
Love and care
Clearing my throat
So I can find new words to throw out
My ammo is running out
They've turned into foam darts
Now I don't want to speak
Not because I'm timid and week
But I have had enough of this mickey mouse crap this week
Lennox Jones Dec 2014
Things fell away like
leaves from a tree.
Long nights, elusive dawns.  
Then out of nowhere,
you appeared.
The world wasn’t
caving in after all.
Just a clearing of space
for something new to emerge.
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