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Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Every Man Has a Dream
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

Every man has a dream that he cannot quite touch...
a dream of contentment, of soft, starlit rain,
of a breeze in the evening that, rising again,
reminds him of something that cannot have been,
and he calls this dream love.

And each man has a dream that he fears to let live,
for he knows: to succumb is to throw away all.
So he curses, denies it and locks it within
the cells of his heart and he calls it a sin,
this madness, this love.

But each man in his living falls prey to his dreams,
and he struggles, but so he ensures that he falls,
and he finds in the end that he cannot deny
the hope that he feels or the tears that he cries
in the darkness of night for this light he calls love.

Keywords/Tags: Man, Dream, Love, Vision, Fantasy, Aspiration, Hope, Sin, Madness, Cell, Prison, Real, Reality, Touch, Tangible, Contentment, Comfort, Consolation, Prey, Trapped, Snared, Prisoner, Captive, Hope, Fears, Tears, Elusive, Elusiveness
I’m forgetting the touch of palm
I’m forgetting touch of human
I’m forgetting the power of touch
I’m forgetting touch of will

only living is living inside closed doors
only living is living with hands washed long
only living is living within limits of the walls

For on the surface is always served living cell(virus).

I’m trying reflection flat and clean on surface,
I’m trying new doors and windows to be locked and sealed
I’m trying for things to not change much yet, it's being months and years I haven’t, purlieu and talk a lot.

I sit home just to tell something and I’m not so excited
Because I have a worry, with a trace returning with every cough,
just like something might happen and it's as bad as it is the feeling
that if I stay with you, you will die.

In my entire life, It pains me to imagine-Living with the Living Cell(VIRUS)
Dying is Living, Living was our choice, which we ….?
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
My cell
No bars
No walls
Just my own thoughts and fears
locking the door behind me

My prison
No guards
No sentence
Just my own awkward silence
swallowing the one and only key
Mrs Timetable Feb 2020
Hold it so gently
So tightly
Tapping it so lightly
Always giving it
Constant attention
Don’t drop it
Don’t break it
Give it power
With you constantly
Cell phones are like marriage mates
Get a new one
Because this one is old
Ok just kidding....bad example
Bad analogy
JGLutes Jan 2020
stash in your pocket
keep it for years
don’t dance with your girlfriend
no need for the beer

catapult matches
he’s not short on the charm
over the top
as he hangs from her arm

look at your friend group
who’s fooling who
shadows will follow
as long as there’s food

measurements carry
the very same weight
alone at the top
no time to wait

around and around
cant carry me home
imagine the world
without your own phone.

Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2020
The moment felt your lips on mine again
Footsteps on my heart
Wings filled not only my stomach
Fluttered through each part

Even being apart for months
Still run back to your embrace
Beginning to wonder if we truly love
Or just love the chase

I have given all I had before
Won't do the same thing twice
Took until there was nothing left
Inside my heart but butterflies and ice

**** violent urges
Heaven's gate in your smile
Hook with fleeting surges of warmth
Through frozen veins for miles

No one able to light up my body like you
The way winding happiness spreads throughout
Like wildfire with one single touch
Burning hesitation in my core along with doubt

I do not know why I let you back into my life
Into every tissue and cell
Thought that I was free from your control
Rooted too deeply to completely expel
Like a **** that keeps growing back, you are ingrained in the garden of my life forever ;)
TIZZOP Dec 2019
emma, 13 years old.
alfredo, 61.

emma: hi grandpa nice to see you what's your wifi-password?

alfredo: i don't have wifi.

emma: written altogether?
Today is a good day.
TIZZOP Dec 2019
countless nights
the same dream:

awaking in black water
dressed in jeans and a

legs under water so i
am trying to protect my
cell phones from

24 HOURS. Keep coming back.
Nigdaw Sep 2019
Afraid of our own shadow, but
yearning to be free, searching
for our utopian ideal

life's a beach
gravy, easy street

scared to loose the chains
with which we bind ourselves
break free from obligation

our 'destiny'

into chaos

open the door of our life cell
of order, routine
step through the veil
live the dream
but all we can do
is complain and complain
Nigdaw Aug 2019
A room devoid of life
no less bland
than a hole in the ground,
but with a little more light
functional, bed, chair, table
and an intangible fear
of something it has (in abundance)
time, and plenty of it
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