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Wickus May 2020
Twenty twenty
The world is sick
Locked in my room
And trapped in my head

My thoughts
My eternal prison cell
Screaming at four walls
Wickus Nov 2019
Dark endless night
Guns flickering light
Bang bang bang
Oh, just another gang

It’s mad outside
Tell me I’m lying

Lying in my bed
Wishing you were here
Your face stuck in my head
It’s the darkness that I fear

I guess I’ll just hide
Until people stop dying
Wickus Oct 2019
I am never alone
I’ve got my angels
and my demons
I can’t talk to myself
Cause I’m not allowed to talk to strangers
Wickus Nov 2018
The empty hallways
The screams
Endless screams
Of lost souls

Cries calling out
For someone
Who can help

It's not easy
A target on your back
For everyone
To mock and slander

Like waves
and ebbing
An infinite loop

Bowing your head
Will it be better

Hoping it ends
Before it ends
Wickus Oct 2018
I died in my sleep last night
Went to heaven
Came back down

They told me
Hell is already full

I guess the only hell
I have to worry about
Is the one I am living

— The End —