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Patrick Jun 4
Clean inside;
Divine light.
Dark on the surface;
As is all light.

Chaos and Order
Two sides of mine.
We all know this.
Yet know not the Divine.

Barriers broken;
Light and Dark emit:
First One,
Then Two,
Then Ten Thousand Sins.

And here we are;
Looking at light and dark,
Like we know it all,
Like we aren't far.

Here we sit.
Here we think.
Here we idle while our boundaries shrink.

The Shoulders of Giants
They reach so high
But just how high before we die?
Patrick May 22
I trained myself to of everything let go
I tried my best to cut this rope
But the pretty red thread;
My drug of choice,
My darling,
You are my vice.

I hate that I have come to love you so.
We can never be;
The Holy has spoke.
I wish that I could have just let go...
And maybe you'd still be there when I come home.

I sat there ages, waiting for the day
The day you'd part my way
And leave this story forevermore gray.

I tried so hard to treasure these moments.
I tried so hard to enjoy these fleeting bestowments
I tried so hard to let you go...
And in the end I failed us both.

Why is my mind like this?
Why can't I just quit?
Why can't this just be enough?
Why can't I just be a ghost?

Memories fade;
Planets die.
Love eternal;
At least for a time.
Patrick May 20
Love was Hope when I lost faith;
Love was warm when death I faced.
Love was power to change my fate.
Love was all these things; But love was fake.


Then I met you,
And a sun of emotion welled within;
And suddenly, I realized, just what Love is.

Love's not my selfish hurt;
Love's not my cold remarks.
Love's not my mind gone mad.
Love's not what I had.

Love is a drug;
And I'm an addict.
Patrick May 20
I lost you again last week,
And after crying, begging, and everything weak;
Or strong;
Or in between;
None of that has any meaning.

I don't understand this thing called love.
To watch from ever so far,
It looks so joyous,
So peaceful;
So warm.

Then I found what I thought was love,
And yet still I watch from ever so far,
And it was painful,
So Haunting:
So hard.

Love unrequit is so very realistic,
True Love a story sold to gullible ears:
A story told everlong, yet so insincere.
Patrick May 11
If tomorrow I lost the wisdom I've gathered,
Yet still I kept my instincts unscabbarded,
Would I still be me?
Patrick May 11
Monkey's Paw,
So tried and true.

My own flaw,
Not so new.

Love is fleeting;
Beauty rests.

Hate is flowing;
Demon's nest.

Down below;
Up above;
All around as we all fall.

Monkey's Paw,
Romantic Truth.
Patrick Dec 2020
Alone you sit,
Right here with me.
But do you see?

I hope you see.

Do you see?
Darkness surround.
Do you see?
Am I at last found?

Do I see?

I do not know.
Creeping in; No ember glows.
The fire fades,
The shadows creep.
Is it just me?
For eternity?
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