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I could smell the rain this morning when I woke up.
so I wasn't surprised when it started pouring after work tonight.

I always want to go to bed when I get off at 10 on friday night
so I wasn't surprised when I had to drink coffee to stay up

I've never liked bowling with all our friends so late.
so it surprises me that I still force myself to go.

I knew you and I were always early to the bowling alley.
so I wasn't surprised when we were the only people there for the first round.

I could feel myself overthinking everything while we waited for friends.
so I wasn't surprised when I began feeling anxious next to you.

I've seen you bowl before.
but im always surprised at how graceful you look doing it.

I know I like you.
and it bothers me because of how badly I don't want to.
b Oct 2018
i might leave a greener pasture
for a field of blue roses.
and some time spent
on the coast.

these hands were built
for bricks and
failure. made for
disappointment like a
bowling alley gutter.

dont even get me
started on the rest of it.
i have too much of a
bad thing and we are all
children at play.

i am known to leave
a good thing behind.
but ive never had
a great thing before,
so im not sure
how to feel.

i could start softening
the mortar again,
or just suffer in silence.
Lily Oct 2018
I saw her first across the bowling alley,
Laughing at her own gutter ball.
She flipped her long black hair
Over her shoulder;
She wore a golden cross necklace
That bounced lazily against her
Beautiful olive colored skin.
Lady Gaga blaring from the speakers
Prompted her to dance back to her friends,
Who smile at her antics.
All of a sudden, she looks over at me, and
I try to pretend I wasn’t staring,
But it’s too late.
She smiles shyly, without her teeth,
Just a slight turn of her pink lips,
And her cheeks redden slightly.
Whatever manliness I still had in me
Melted when I saw her smile.
I smile back in what I think is a cute way.
My friends cries break thought my thoughts,
“It’s your turn!”  “Go already!”
Yet I can’t break my eyes off of her.
She goes to her friends and sits down,
Sips her Coke quietly.
I look at the clock.
I’ve wasted five minutes of the game.
I blame the girl in Lane 7.
Just a couple characters I observed at the bowling alley a few weekends ago.
shåi May 2017
eyes rolling
about in their sockets
like bowling *****
meadering through
such vivid hallucinations
what is truly real
may hardly exist at all
scenes created
the obstructive pins
of our lives
eight wickets
eight wickets
he did so well score
on the pitch at Bangalore

he spun the ball
he spun the ball*
in the first session of play
over after over toiling away

his efforts were fab
his efforts were fab
bamboozling the batsmen
with a seaming flight of hem

not since Warne
not since Warne
had such a display been seen
on the oval's twenty two yard sheen

a magic spell
a magic spell
Lyon's spinning technique
*was truly magnifique
Gabriel burnS Dec 2016
We bowl and yet
no ball is thrown;
our gazes roll
through lanes unseen

two ends,
two pairs
of eyes;

whoever wins,
scatters all
the thoughts
on the other end
like pins
I finally stopped playing the role of Kingpin when i jumped out of the bowling alley
Saying hi to all the Sallys
Because they all think i'm pretty nice
Yeah i'm alright
I'm just trying to make this life right
Keeping my moral rope tight
So i don't get too loose
On the grip
Many people let it go a few times in their life
I'm trying to make sure i don't
I'm not sure how i got the inspiration to write this one. I just wrote this one out.
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