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MsTruth Sep 26
Between us,
the root of the combined vertical and horizontal both framed expands,
the quotient as orbit is sliced by permanently infinite grows,
the aftermath of temporal magnitude magnified by velocity widens.

Are you letting me go?
MsTruth Sep 22
Cream-filled sugary
Chocolate frosting and sprinkles
Cinnamon scented
MsTruth Sep 10
gloomy sticky air
looming downpour from the sky
MsTruth Sep 8
Charcoal curls, green grounds
Brown branches, sienna shades
On pale paper of cold cotton
An arousing adventure…
MsTruth Sep 5
In summer, when the sun is warm
We frolic as nature shows its charm
Living in the moment, feeling bold
We forget winter can be bitter cold.

In summer, I am convicted to stay
I have my own role to play
Being myself, no fear, no shame
Taking risks, but no blame.

It is winter.
MsTruth May 9
MsTruth May 8
Watching you behind the wall
i built to keep you safe
that is what i am trying to tell
myself, i am not easy to convince
a wall that hides and covers
true intentions and torrid stares
shallow feelings and sorry sighs
You cannot see me...
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