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Äŧül Nov 22
A kleptomaniac was born,
His specialty was hearts
That he whisked away
In a real short time.

An oriental angel ascended,
Upon him she descended
In a way that changed
All of what was his.
My HP Poem #1814
©Atul Kaushal
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Red lights of Amsterdam to there I did go as a young man hoping to prove myself suffering child abuse had given me no confidence In relationships
thought this to be the answer
Packed my rucksack and of I did go nowhere to stay but a sleeping bag when arriving straight to the red light district I did go where I stood on one of those quaint bridges over the canal
Always wanted an oriental girl there she I walked over trying to look cool casual were In truth I was terrified she gives a rundown on prices
I only had enough for the basics she Invited me In told to undress and lay on the bed strange feeling because It was all open to passers-by mirrors on the ceiling
She came to me naked stunning she was she sat astride me beautiful long black hair brushing my chest I felt her firm young ******* her ******* stiffening
I was so shy I couldn't get a reaction below, there I was with the opportunity of a lifetime I couldn't do a thing
She said relax that didn't work told me to go away rest and come back later but I just wanted to get away to save any more embarrassing
But while getting dressed she said she liked my tee shirt black with green crocodile printed on the front
To speed my exit I gave It to her she was happy enough not only had she made a bit of money but got a tee shirt too, I felt such a fool never went
Lessons learned when young
A trip to Amsterdam Red Lights was not for me
ConnectHook Jan 5
Haiku lifts our souls
to views beyond the village:
distant Fuji. (****)

Aisu-krimu sandu-witch
Robotic Gul-friend

Kamikaze beer
wriggling tentacle skewered
Hell: Japanese bar

They did deserve it.
Both Fat Man and Little boy.
I'm part ***. Eat me.

Seriously what
is wrong with the Japanese?
They need Jesus Christ !
Love/Hate relationship with Haiku.
Apologies to Basho-San
ConnectHook Sep 2017
Kyoto rock garden:
mist rises among the pines...
where is that remote?

Bashō-san help me !
That big frog on lily pad
scared me with Haiku.

Shinto temple dawn...
monks ringing the temple gongs:
what a hangover.

Island of robots
poetic soul of *****
and those weird soft drinks

From bowlegged troops
invading the entire East
to bland consumers.

weakness of the western mind
grass no greener

noun: a style in art reflecting Japanese qualities or motifs;
Tim Peetz Jan 2017
Where lonely camels roam, dunes in darkness lay
And myriads of stars glow in disarray.
Solely the morning star, lone wanderer, shines bright
And thus illuminates this dark Arabian night.

As the gleaming eye of heaven rises in the East,
wake the weary nomad and his weary beast.
And as it reaches zenith, the heat burning the flesh,
they reach their destination: the vibrant Marrakech.

Explosion of colors, spices galore
Sold on bazaars selling infinitely more
A snake tamer plays his tunes in a trance
and the dervishes do their habitual dance.

And with every turn, every swish, every sway,
Unfolds like a dream the Arabian day.
'Til the sun sets again in this wondrous land
To darken once more the kingdom of sand.
Dαиι Apr 2016
Give my hopes a sign.
You may **** them already.
Just... Give my hopes a sign.

Every morning is the same.
Your strongly black amber eyes
vanish my ease with just a gaze
gets me in a constant flight.

The way your marked oriental eyes
****** me with a transcending melody
takes me back in time
How the world reflects in his ebony...

What does it mean?
What should I feel?

Seems you enjoy what you provoke in me.

To put me out of orbit
From the sphere I can't control.
I'm not certain, how you do it?
Only a grin, fills me with thoughts.

I'm pulling away uncountable times
but it's like magnetic force
All I need is to settle my mind
and your words would calm the storm.


Give my hopes a sign.
You may **** them already.
Just... Give my hopes a sign.
brandon nagley Aug 2015
In the otherworldly terra firma
Of misamis occidental;
Awaiteth mine queen, of all dream's
Saccharine earl Jane, Jehovah's oriental.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley dedication

— The End —