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Andrew Jun 2019
Splish, splish, ploop.
A stone gently disturbs
the plane of the mirror,
before descending
into undisclosed depths.
Ripples erupt, breaking
the surface of the tarn.
As the current subsides—
splish, splish, ploop.

What if we could
live and die,
creating such soft—
such token undulations?
Splish, splish, ploop.
Let’s cause cosmic waves
of compassion and aegis
for the planet,
our companion-
leaving, as such, small
wrinkles and blemishes
upon the surface.
Splish, splish, ploop.

A. I. Myles   2o June, 2o19
Andrew Jun 2019
A “mailbox” is
a funny thing.
It used to be a means
of keeping in touch
with the ones that we loved—
a tool for connections
and correspondences.
What do we even have
mailboxes for now?
Stores send out coupons
for us to accumulate
goods now.
Credit card companies
send out reminders
to pay off our debts now.
Everyone’s circulating love,
but of status and wealth now.
We’ve become so consumed
with our phones, with fashion
and greed...

A. I. Myles   19 June, 2o19
Andrew Jun 2019
Please don’t tell me
“you’re too young
to be tired.”
I’ll be as tired
as I dang-we’ll please.
There are so many ways
to be “spent”
beyond what you see
weariness runs more
than skin-deep.
So don’t tell me how
you think I should feel,
because you could
never understand.
My brain, it thrums constantly
and drains me emotionally,
in ways that you
can’t fix with sleep.

A. I. Myles   18 June, 2o19 @athenaeumthoughts
Andrew Jun 2019
I’ve experienced more
than my eyes could
ever show you.
Steal a glimpse
through the window
when the moonlight hits
just right,
and you might
find the faintest flicker-
vivid imagery.

I’ve experienced more
than my lips could
ever tell you.
Put your ear to the door.
Listen closely.
Don’t take a breathe.
You could miss my
faintest of whispering-
subtle mysteries.

A. I. Myles   14 June, 2o19 @athenaeumdreams
Andrew Jun 2019
I haven’t been able
to sleep so well lately.
Going to bed late,
I stir from dreams constantly.
During the day
I feel so awake,
and I’ve been writing consistently.
I have words in my brain,
like it’s tuned into
some frequency.

- A. I. Myles   12 June, 2019 @athenaeumthoughts
Ever felt like you’ve tuned into something bigger than yourself?
Andrew Jun 2019
The thoughts of a writer
can be a terrific
and terrible chasm,
They spring from one precipice
to another,
dangerously, no-
peering over the edge,
ready to bound
towards the next

A. I. Myles   11 June, 2019
Watch out for writers. Their mind is a beautiful and dangerous place. Thanks for reading!
Andrew Jun 2019
Some plants,
they bloom
in the summer.
in autumn or spring.
But you my dear
have weathered
through so many
You will blossom
through so many

-A. I. Myles   1o June, 2019 @athenaeumthoughts
Remember friends, not all pains or struggles are external. Don’t give up your fight.
Andrew Jun 2019
I was a moth,
drawn to you
like a candle-
until you blew out
the flame.

- A. I. Myles   o9 June, 2019
We all have that person who we are drawn to at some point, whether it be a friendship or relationship, that just ends in a way that blindsides us.
Andrew Jun 2019
Give me the thick, dark clouds
that blanket the sky in grey.
Give me the fat, cold globules
of H2O,
falling from the firmament.
I would gladly gaze up,
and allow them to land
upon my head and my neck
and my shoulders,
sending a flutter down my spine—
straight through
to my fingertips.

Give me the cracklings of
those super-charged particles,
displacing the air
clearing the horizon
as it illuminates
just like Independence Day.
Give me the hot, sticky,
sweat-filled calm,
and let the tides roll in
to wash it away
on the back of the

A. I. Myles   o9 June, 2019
Raindrops will drop.
Andrew Jun 2019
It is ok to say “no.”
There are moments
where a reply of
“not today” and
“maybe another time”
are more important
than pleasing everyone—

The Sun will continue to shine,
rain will continue to fall,
and grass will continue to grow—
Birds will sing their songs,
life will go on,
and taking time to breathe
could be just what is needed.

Those who understand
will accept your self-care,
and they will choose to love you—

A. I. Myles   o9 June, 2019
Self-care is important!
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