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Diego Morales Mar 2019
No day goes by without a mistake,
If only I'd told her, and given her my coat,
I'd be some one she can't forsake.
But the words I could not utter, were stuck in my throat

---If all people need love, then why bother with fruitless chasing?
Limited time, but wasteful hearts, for what?
For I know love is not rational, instead felt, it cannot be stopped
So waste no time and lend me a moment---

If only I'd told you then, that cold afternoon,
But love is scarcely spoken by a short-lived buffoon.
The Trumpoet Feb 2017
Trump, he seems to make a point of stirring up the ***.
He makes outrageous statements, thus making tempers hot.
He seems to like upsetting people so they shout or cry.
It all seems so unnecessary, so I'd ask him, WHY?

These last few days he hurried out an immigration ban,
without due consultation that would craft a solid plan.
He could have sought out some advice - something that he should try,
but he believes he knows it all, which makes no sense. So, WHY?

His words and actions seem to make him look like a buffoon;
a caricature cut out from some political cartoon.
If he'd provide a reason through intelligent reply,
there'd be no need to scratch our heads and keep on asking, WHY?

He seems to hate minorities and some religious groups.
This brings about division and rallies all the troops.
This could lead to a new world war where millions would die.
Where does he think he's taking us and, more important, WHY?

WHY doesn't he just take a moment so he can explain?
WHY can't he simply tell the truth and say what's in his brain?
WHY can't he and his followers be glad for what they've got?
Explain... Be kind... Be strong... Be smart. For heaven's sake, WHY NOT?
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Written February 4, 2017
Brent Kincaid Dec 2015
Zeerow, The Hero
Was a spectacular fool.
An unrepentant tool,
He run on philosophy
Based on misogyny,
Of raging homophobia
And collected memorabilia
From the Third *****.

He didn’t like to be questioned
Whenever it was mentioned
Because he knew something
The rest of us were missing.
He knew as he knew day and night
That he was one hundred percent right
And we were all certifiable imbeciles
That made him totally irascible.

His compassion undetectable
He thought himself respectable
Because he kept his bigotry quiet.
But few could actually buy it
Because his brow-lowering scowls
And not-so sotto voce growls
Gave him away rather quickly.

And sometimes things got sticky
When he found him surrounded
By those previously grounded
In his wordy, misguided opinions  
That we were all his minions
And he was some kind of lordling.
So how could we find him boring?

Yet we did. The best we could, we hid
Whenever he showed his face.
Especially in a public place.
The only thing that made it worse
Was that in the final verse
Some idiots elected him to office
So he got to irritate all of us.
And he did so officially,
Doing so quite efficiently.

— The End —