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kimkt22 Feb 2021
Thank you for sharing
The best thing in your life
I have a good time
Even though you make me cry
And if I could go there
The place I want to
Hope we both can see
Baby coz I love you
Happy valentine's day everyone if u have a good love I'm so happy for you but if u don't let's be friend 😂
kimkt22 Jan 2021
It's late in the evening 🎇
I'm wondering what clothes to wear 😌
Thinking about our old stuff
And brush my long dark hair 😌
I asked "do I look alright? "
U said "yes u look beautiful tonight "
I went to Bangkok city
U can see my straight hair that night
I asked "do u feel alright? "
U said "yes I feel wonderful tonight "
Flensburg far away from me
But now can u see ? With my lonely eyes
I tried my best in everything 🙂
Why I'm still suffering deep down my mind?
maybe we can only miss that person although we can't be number one in their heart

— The End —