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Vladimir Dec 2018

Bella, Bella, flute or cello
Play within your heart;
Leaves of autumn, red and yellow,
Seek you from afar…

Bella, Bella, kind and mellow –
Music in your eyes;
Lives of ours: a clever melody -
Simple, no disguise.

Bella – translator and poet,
Singer, lover, friend;
Bella…Quill of mine is honed
To your wave and trend.

Bell, Bella, should we venture,
Dare and create? –
Stories modern, future, ancient…
I’m a bit afraid.

Shall we live with wild abandon?
Sing about the stars?
Live as wizards, lovers, bandits?
Stunning be and stunned?

Bella, Bella, end the lyrics –
Tales lie ahead:
Tall and fairy, moral, fleeting….
Let me have your hand.

Bella – five such simple letters…
Infinite, to wit.
Bella, please be real, you’d better!
Leave not with the wind…
Johnny Q Feb 2018
Bella was young, Bella was fair
With bilious green eyes and velvet hair
Her face a work of art
Made her creator's eyes squint and fall apart
Bella never let my filthy tongue near her silent heart.

My Bella, she loved nothing more
Than to be a sled one had to grind
Through a desert of white, a sea of ice
He pulled her all over frozen fields, past the last of crystal trees
And then he hid her in the glistering white of nature's eyeball.

For my Bella, I'd always find time to mourn
Addicted to hazy cigar heat and first-degree burns
But dreaded thoughts of her lovely chest freezing to death
Ultimately sent me on the pointless quest
Of searching for Bella in her icy mess.

Bella never saw the dozens of dead dogs
I had to leave by the wayside
She turned to me at the end of this cruel ride
And said: 'George, be careful what you preach
You might be feel cold, but I don't
'Round here, you're looking at nature's peach
And for me, it's right by the beach!'
Anna Starr Mar 2017
a girl in pursuit of books
yes, indeed a bit shy,
but, god, does she have the looks
to make all the boys cry

a chatterbox once you get to know her,
pulling words from the air
never thought she'd be able to stir
feelings i never thought were there

she made me sad, too
i wept for her mind, body, and soul
she never had a clue
of the heart that she stole

what once was mine
is now hers for the keeping
drowning myself in wine
i'm having trouble sleeping
Atlas Feb 2017
You and I were very close
And that all changed within 3 short months
It hurts to think about the past
And I panic when I think about what my future holds
And you never really explained why
Our friendship had to die
You just stopped responding
And I'm scared it will happen with my other friends too..
i miss you lots.
Mila Berlioz Sep 2015
My sweet bella

The one who makes me feel like my whole body hurts because I miss her
It's too much
I miss those nights, the ones with the moon by our side
How our drunkness made us close
I never thought someone I've seen six times would mean so much to me
I need your presence, I'm broken
I need someone
I need someone with whom to share my ***** in a bottle mixes with gatorade
I need that sausage smell
I'm writing this while being ******
But my dear Bella, you mean the world to me and I never thought someone would become as important as you have
It's like you put the stars in the skies
I need you to have someone to drown my sorrows in a bottle with. I miss you
But I know sometime, soon
I'll get drunk and do fun stuff with you
Nothing seems fun without you, you might be the missing piece
but Dear Bella, wait for me, as the sun waits to rest when sunset comes. I love you as much as a cherry blossom tree loves it's beautiful flowers that just bloomed
Rebecca Wolohan Jul 2015
The moon stares down at us silently,
yet we cannot tell if it is in judgement or adoration.
Her hollow eyes and full lips make up an illuminate silhouette.
Your glowing porcelain mirrors her China cabinet.
Maybe she is jealous;
your off-white shine is holding my attention
more than hers ever has.
Maybe it is narcissistic of me to assume
that Mrs. Moon craves my affection.
Maybe it was wise of me to realize that your mahogany shutters contrasted against the dark green earth in your backyard
are encasing me with a sense of safety that I have not recently felt
and I should clutch on to that warmth and comfort
as tightly as your right hand clutches onto the fistful of my hair
or the strength your left arm carries
as it winds protectively around my waist.
Rebecca Wolohan Jun 2015
never has a smile
influenced the rate of my heart's
eclectic beating
as much as yours.
never has a touch
sent shivers down my spine
and through the recesses
of my hungry soul
as much as yours.
never has a mind
articulated such emphatic musings
and solemn trepidations
and shot them into the sky
with passion and hope and trust
only for the arrow to come spiraling down
embedding itself
into the flesh of my chest.
do not pull that arrow out of the basket
that is my *****.
let it sink deeper
through my bones,
let it disappear into my arteries
and dissolve.
let it become one with my blood
and soak up the air
that you breathe into me.
i am thirsty
and you are the only water
i want to drink.
Astrid Ember Jan 2015
Ella Bella
She's like this great gentle creature, but she could still rip you apart with her words if you ****** her off. Love you Ells. <3
SøułSurvivør Jan 2015

like bells
lies and truth
both have tongues

but only one rings


— The End —