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Pablo Neruda  Jun 2017
como en la piedra fresca
del manantial, el agua
abre un ancho relámpago de espuma,
así es la sonrisa en tu rostro,
de finas manos y delgados pies
como un caballito de plata,
andando, flor del mundo,
así te veo,
con un nido de cobre enmarañado
en tu cabeza, un nido
color de miel sombría
donde mi corazón arde y reposa,
no te caben los ojos en la cara,
no te caben los ojos en la tierra.
Hay países, hay ríos
en tus ojos,
mi patria está en tus ojos,
yo camino por ellos,
ellos dan luz al mundo
por donde yo camino,
tus senos son como dos panes hechos
de tierra cereal y luna de oro,
tu cintura
la hizo mi brazo como un río cuando
pasó mil años por tu dulce cuerpo,
no hay nada como tus caderas,
tal vez la tierra tiene
en algún sitio oculto
la curva y el aroma de tu cuerpo,
tal vez en algún sitio,
Bella, mi bella,
tu voz, tu piel, tus uñas,
bella, mi bella,
tu ser, tu luz, tu sombra,
todo eso es mío, bella,
todo eso es mío, mía,
cuando andas o reposas,
cuando cantas o duermes,
cuando sufres o sueñas,
cuando estás cerca o lejos,
eres mía, mi bella,
Vladimir  Dec 2018
Bella, Bella
Vladimir Dec 2018

Bella, Bella, flute or cello
Play within your heart;
Leaves of autumn, red and yellow,
Seek you from afar…

Bella, Bella, kind and mellow –
Music in your eyes;
Lives of ours: a clever melody -
Simple, no disguise.

Bella – translator and poet,
Singer, lover, friend;
Bella…Quill of mine is honed
To your wave and trend.

Bell, Bella, should we venture,
Dare and create? –
Stories modern, future, ancient…
I’m a bit afraid.

Shall we live with wild abandon?
Sing about the stars?
Live as wizards, lovers, bandits?
Stunning be and stunned?

Bella, Bella, end the lyrics –
Tales lie ahead:
Tall and fairy, moral, fleeting….
Let me have your hand.

Bella – five such simple letters…
Infinite, to wit.
Bella, please be real, you’d better!
Leave not with the wind…
SoVi  Sep 2018
Bella Noche
SoVi Sep 2018
Un deseo a cumplir
Realidad se cambio
Mi camino es diferente

Pero realise

Que en esta noche
Hay pura mentiras
Sobre de mis suenos

Cuando quise escapar
No habia puertas
Me dormi en la oscuridad

En la bella noche
Se me cai las lagrimas

En la bella noche
Se me va la esperanza

En la bella noche
Se me va la riza y la luz y compassion
Se me va la felicidad

En este mundo
No te quise decir
Que no existe maravillas

No te queria llenar de desepcion
Yo queria verte feliz

En la bella noche
Se me va las lagrimas

En la bella noche
Se me va la sonrisa

En la bella noche
Se me regresa el depression y angustia
Veine todo mal

En la bella noche
Se me va la fantasia

En la bella noche
Se me va los deseos

En la bella noche
Se va mi juventud y esperanza
No mas queda la realidad

El noche esta lleno de estrellas
Que llena el cielo con poquito de fe
Pero se que todo esto es una mentira
Para traparnos en una fantasia que no tiene nada de vida

Cuando quise escapar
Mis manos levantados
Listo para tumbar todos los paredes
No te quise lastimar
Pero esto es la unica manera
Para escapar de este mundo cruel
No te quise hazer dano
Pero ala mejor es mejor
Que no recuerdas la verdad
De este cruel mundo
Y como nos mentio
Llenando nos de mentiras

Que deseos si se cumple

La bella noche se va callendo
Y nosotros somos que lo tumbo
Con nuestras manos lo vamos a
Vamos ser nuestra realidad

En la bella noche
Vamos a garar fe

En la bella noche
Vamos comer las estrella

En la bella noche
Vamos ser la luz que brilla para el futuro
Y crear fantasias

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Inspired by the song Ice/Sis Puella Magi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

The version of the song used specifically is:
Johnny Q  Feb 2018
Unhappy Bella
Johnny Q Feb 2018
Bella was young, Bella was fair
With bilious green eyes and velvet hair
Her face a work of art
Made her creator's eyes squint and fall apart
Bella never let my filthy tongue near her silent heart.

My Bella, she loved nothing more
Than to be a sled one had to grind
Through a desert of white, a sea of ice
He pulled her all over frozen fields, past the last of crystal trees
And then he hid her in the glistering white of nature's eyeball.

For my Bella, I'd always find time to mourn
Addicted to hazy cigar heat and first-degree burns
But dreaded thoughts of her lovely chest freezing to death
Ultimately sent me on the pointless quest
Of searching for Bella in her icy mess.

Bella never saw the dozens of dead dogs
I had to leave by the wayside
She turned to me at the end of this cruel ride
And said: 'George, be careful what you preach
You might be feel cold, but I don't
'Round here, you're looking at nature's peach
And for me, it's right by the beach!'
Ayer te vi
en la calle,
Myriam y

Te vi tan bella,
Myriam, que

(¡cómo te explico
que bella te vi!)

Ni tú Myriam,
te puedes ver
tan bella
ni imaginar
que puedes ser
tan bella para mi
y tan bella te vi
que parece que

Ninguna mujer
es más bella que tú

Ningún enamorado
ve ninguna mujer
tan bella,
como yo te veo a ti

Y ni tú misma
eres quizás
tan bella

¡Por qué
no puede ser
real tanta belleza!

Como yo te vi
de bella ayer en la calle

O como hoy me parece,
que te vi
Terry Collett Jan 2016
Bella wife of Albus
looks over the wall
at Annona's villa

the sea below
waves crashing
against the rocks below

gulls in flight

sky a blue
light and cloudless

Amy Annona's slave girl
stands back a bit
but close to Annona

Albus leaves soon
for some campaign of Caesar's
Bella says
is Marcus to leave too?

Annona looks at Amy
taking in her loveliness
how she stands there
near the wall
not far from her

yes he told me last night
Annona says
feeling a sense of happiness
rise in her like a small stream
let loose suddenly
after being blocked

I shall miss him
Bella says
I always do when he's away
being in my bed alone at nights
trying to keep things in order
the household
the slaves
the affairs of duty and visits
how do you cope
while Marcus is away?

Annona puts on
her sad face and says
it is hard and I am often
at a loss and sleepless nights
(she looks at Amy)
and the villa to maintain
and look forward to his
quick return
(she dreads his return
like a foul illness)

I do too
Bella says
when Albus is home
I am like a young girl again
running to him at his feet
and he lifts me up
and well between you and me
he and I make love so much
that first few days
I can barely stand
and she laughs

Annona laughs too
and Amy looks
at the sea below
and senses Annona's eyes on her
and wants her master Marcus
soon gone so she
and her mistress
can go to bed again
and make love in their own way
and feel each others'
bodies close and kiss
and lay there in each other's arms
knowing Marcus knows
she shares her mistress's bed
while he's away
to prevent rumours
of any disloyalty
on Annona's part

Bella still laughs
and Annona stares at Amy
standing by the wall
looking down at
the sea and waves
gulls over head
sky blue
thinking a message to Amy
I want you
love you.
SamanthaX Jun 2019

Stella Ella
That girl is
super Bella
Ella Stella
Your getting
That girl is
gonna grow up
to be a
super nova

Ella Ella ola
My girl you
gotta try
You gotta
get sober
Your so Bella
My girl
you better learn
You gotta
do what I
tell ya

Bella Bella Stella
That girl is so
Mi Bella Ella
Now that girl
is worried
She told me
Jesus won’t save us

Oh mi Bella Ella
Now my babies gone
She’s hiding behind
those three
mischievous stars

Mi oh my Bella Ella
So fine so stellar
I tried to help her
However this time
my baby your too
far gone
Yenson Sep 2018
Oh my bella Signora why you wanna break my poor heart
Dino he tells me quietly, he saw you with that grande Signore
Tells me you make the **** eyes and **** laugh ooh lika that
But which for me you don't smile **** like that, maybe I bore
Dino says, Signore pretend and ask why you laugh like that
Bella Signora, why can't you see for you I have more amore

Oh my bella signora, Sofia says that Signore has grosso cazzo
Now I wonder if our friendship is beyond Via della Conciliazione
I make for you good coffee and don't rope you in with any lasso
Play as you like, I will bring you roses in rosa at Palazzo Torlonia
Don't leave to go drinking with that Signore at  Campo Marzio
I'm sad because alcune donne says Signore has good testimonial

Oh my bella Signora if you break my heart I will run away to Haiti
People they say, you play with quattro corteggiatore or pretendenti
I say to Marcello, pretend as in English is more like it, go tell tutti
I know window dressing when I see it, know you are too faulty
You like rosa, yes! you like *****, maybe Martini or a cool Chianti
But I worry maybe that Signore turn your head with Royal Treaty

— The End —