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Loser Aug 9
"Friendship" only came to you as love.
And you never saw it, until just now.
And it hurts, but you were blind.
Blind to a crush.
Blind to a one sided romance.
Blind to a foreboding "friendship" that was always meant to slip away.

You can never be just that when your as pretty as you are.
im not sure exactly how true this is, but it certainly feels like it,
Loser Jun 3
We abide by a sense of belonging that we drench in gasoline and then laugh as the flames char our pride. There is no point in making amends once the heart has bled all it can bleed. Or at least that’s what I thought. Despite the claw marks that have been etched into your back you continue to go back to the beast that gave you the scars. I thought that you knew better. I though you finally saw what I see. But it was just a temporary blindness. You’re back to pretending that you’re fine.
And I’m back to keeping my mouth shut.
Loser Jun 1
You're coffee.
Summer nights
and memories.
and I fear
that you will never know
how much you mean to me.
You're movie nights
and play fights
and conversations that go way too late
And I know that I'm safe
And I know that I’m okay.
Loser Apr 21
So here goes one last pathetic attempt,
One more cry for help.
As I watch you slip away,
from my life completely,
And find comfort in someone else.
I see you in my writings, but never in my arms,
And I miss the feeling I would get when I made you smile.
I haven't felt it in a while.

And I know you'll never read this.
And I'm telling myself that it's okay.
And I'm saying that I write for myself.
But all of my poems are about you.

So here goes one last "note to self".
one more "I swear I'm fine".
As I watch you pictures slowly grow old
and regress into memories,
I hear your voice in my dreams, but never in my presence
And I miss the taste of your name on my lips when you ask who I love.
Even after the distance, the taste is still the same.

And I know you'll never read this.
And I'm telling myself that's okay.
And I'm saying that I write to help myself.
But my words are soaked in your name.

So here goes my goodbye,
My final thoughts for you,
I promise that I'm done writing,
I wish I could promise that I'm done missing you.

this Isn't about O, K, or, B. don't make a big deal about this.
Loser Apr 20
The view from the top wasn't as pretty as I had hoped.
I thought this as my wishful eyes took in the industry and machinery.
Glancing at smoke stacks and warehouses and roads that led from labor to profit.

It seems we've lost what matters most.
And It seems that we don't care.
I used to see this town as acres of green.
But time has warped the view into greed and gasoline.

My time here is slipping,
in roughly two years I'll be long gone.
At the rate that were going,
I wont want to come back.

But none of this matters as I walk these crowded halls.
None of this matters as I cheat on tests.
I just live for a tomorrow.
Never for a today.

A tomorrow with one less field,
A tomorrow with one more factory,
A tomorrow with a darker sky,
A tomorrow slightly worse than yesterday.

I cant control much,
But at least I can promise,
that I will be better tomorrow,
than I am today.

This Is how we save the world.
The view wasn’t that bad with you by my side.
Loser Apr 20
I’m afraid to leave my bed this morning.
I don’t want to go to war.
The thought of these stranger filled hallways makes my stomach ache in fear.
And the strangers I know most give such caring glances, but I can’t help thinking that they loathe my presence.

I don’t like to lie.
But smiling does get me through the day.
school scares me
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