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Loser Dec 2020
Before you go off and declare war on that other civilization with different skin and "strange" clothing,

remember the dirt beneath your feet.

Think of how it cradles the roots of those trees you would climb as a child, and how the world wasn't made of fractions and borders and silly little names.

and before you decide to let that hate speech fuel you,

remember the way the wind shook the earth.

And how everyone with a consciousness felt it.

Because we all are one.
Loser Nov 2020
Poetry seems binary, you either write of love, or death.

But to me they are the same.
Loser Nov 2020
We can blame the pills for not doing their job.
But that doesn't change the thoughts we have at night.
So maybe I'll stay quiet and carve more scars.
Clearing thoughts in my head with every painless slice.
Loser Oct 2020
When you turned your back on me I stopped writing happy songs.

That's the price you pay for trusting someone who makes you feel less strong
Loser Aug 2020
A small jar slipped from my hands.
And the distance from my fingers to the floor was enough to shatter it.
And *******, it reminded me,
of how you dropped me.

So I spent hours, trying to piece it back together,
but those cracks still ******* show.

My cracks still ******* show.
Loser Aug 2020
Your fingers are caught,
entangled in my ribs,
my heart is in your palm,
and our time is running thin.

If this is what it feels like,
to fall out of love,
then I take back every kiss,
I take back every touch.
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