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Loser Apr 2019
You can find me waltzing at an ungodly hour under a blood red sky
with tears upon my pain stricken face and terror in my eyes.

You can tell me to stop, tell me how I’m hurting myself,
and still I will pick at the same seams until I find comfort in pain

You can hear me singing “So don’t let me cave in” in a basement at a party,
and know that if I do, it’s not your fault.

You can talk to me and I will listen.
And here. In this moment. In this interaction, I will smile. I will lie.
I will say that everything is fine.

But what makes you stand out is that you never believe me.
You have no idea how much I need that.
please don’t stop. when I say i’m fine i almost never am. keep asking. keep smiling . it keeps me safe.
Loser Apr 2019
I told you to do what you wanted, to make your own choice, and you left me alone.
So I sat by the lake by myself and sang a song about how you let me cave in.

later, when the sun was fully submerged under the lake water, and my sadness had left me, you came back to me in that same spot,
and gave me a memory of a waltz, a kiss, and a reason to smile. I will truly never forget.

On the walk back, with my bare feet pressed against the concrete and my converse swinging by my side, I thought about how you have such a beautiful way of influencing my emotions like the pendulum they are.

It wouldn’t be living  if there wasn’t some sadness.
you made me sad, then happy. thanks.
Loser Mar 2019
Oh, you're still sad? We all are too.
And We fail to see that we still have each other.
Our ship is sinking from the holes we carved into it.
But keep your chin up, we all might drown a little slower.
Last line is from the wonderyears
Loser Feb 2019
You gave me a rose today.
It sits in my room wilting patiently.
Slyly pouring salt in the wound.
And what strikes me most is the symmetry.
how it sits dying so beautifully,
how it stands tall through all the pain,
how it's petals crash onto the floor like my knuckles into my wall,
and how it makes me smile so easily.
A nice gesture,
falling somewhere between a torture and a romance.
Loser Dec 2018

Two words I scream at the top of my lungs.
Pulling from the deepest pit of anger and hatred.


Words I know I will regret saying and
Words I will probably hear back.


The easiest way to torch a bridge.
With anger drenched in gasoline, and a lack of self control as a open flame


I don't even know why I'm mad.
Last line was inspired by the wonder years.

— The End —