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FOD Feb 2020
If you close your eyes and listen, you'll hear melodies ,I swear
they sing so you don't ever have to, they sing so you wont be alone
I remember that December, how the ice clung to your shoes
and when you looked at me and smiled I felt a sadness in the air.

We were not made for this.
We are not capable of heartache
but we still hear those songs
and we still somehow carry on.
FOD Dec 2019
Christmas has never felt so ******* lonely
FOD Dec 2019
You have no idea how many deep crimson moats I carved into my flesh today.

You have no idea how close I came to doing what I have been so scared of today

You have no idea what I have been telling myself day in and day out for months

You have no idea how bad it really is.
it’s not your fault
FOD Dec 2019
Even when i'm harmless,
you treat me like a gun.
FOD Dec 2019
As soon as you hung up I started to cry.
I needed to talk to you but I could never keep you up.
so I sat in my room alone.
And I cried as the cold cut my skin.

And it felt normal.

And I deserved it.
FOD Dec 2019
I take you like a drug,
Like a needle to a vein,
I let you swim inside my soul,
I let you rush into my brain.
I lock your name inside my ribs,
Like keeping love inside a box,
I stitch your words into my skin,
I live for you at any cost.

And I know I’m a bleeding heartache,
And I know I’m blind and lost
But with your body right beside me
I love for you at any cost.
i love you so much
FOD Dec 2019
I'm not sad, I'm just a little less alive
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