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FOD 3h
If only you could feel how I felt.
There wouldn’t be any confusion.
If only you could feel how I felt.
Your writings would sound a lot different.
FOD 1d
When the world was split in two I dug my nails into the earth and pulled the continents together so we wouldn’t drift apart.
When the sky was crashing down I put my palms against the clouds and I pushed up with all my strength just to win over your heart.
When the sun faded out and we were left in the dark I set my poems and writings on fire just to keep you from the cold.
When the thunder woke you up and the lightning burned the forest I played you all of my songs to protect you and gave you safety to uphold.
When the world was quickly ending I tried my best to keep you safe, but you never seemed to want me. You pushed my help away.
FOD 1d
I hate watching myself slowly **** up all of the good things I have in life and not being able to stop it.
FOD 1d
You step onto a platform that you know only I can see,
and you speak your words saying you’re a tease,
and when I ask why you say such words, you don’t reply, as if they were unheard.
Do you not trust me, did I **** up?
I wish I wasn’t left thinking I’m dumb.
I never said those words, but someone did.
And you won’t tell me. I feel like ****.
FOD 1d
I close my eyes
and rest my head
and hide inside your touch

And all my pains
and stupid fears
get lost inside your love

I hold your hand
and see your smile
and everything is okay

From stupid jokes
to loving hugs
my sadness is miles away.
vampire babyyyy blehhhhh
FOD 2d
It was late and it was doomed from the start. I don’t know what to call it but I didn’t like it. I was mad at the world and I put the burden on you. I just want you to hold me when I’m feeling blue.
not your fault. i love you
FOD 3d
She has coffee eyes
And the summer night sky
Is blessed when she looks upon it
And the stars in space
Mirror the freckles on her face
As I sing her a song or a sonnet
Her words dance
And they put me in a trance
While she makes me smile forever
She rests in my arms
And I keep her safe from harm
As I hold the universe together.
She is so sweet in summer and I love her so much. The night sky is breathtaking, but it still only comes in second. Her smile puts all of my fears to rest, and I can never seem to thank her enough. So if you are reading this, this is for you. “I love you” never seems to completely describe how I feel about you so I tried to put it into a poem. You deserve every star in the universe and I wish I could give them to you, but for now you have to settle with this poem. This is all yours. My gift to you for being so lovely.
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