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KuyaMak Feb 4
Looks like you've changed.

            But why?

have you asked yourself?

      Or there is no need to ask 'cause you know?

             Is it necessary? the change?

  Is it for good?

                                Does it spark joy?
KuyaMak Feb 3
Don't let the rain ruin your day
Don't let the heat distract you
Don't let anyone break your smile
Don't let negativity prevail
Always remember
being happy is always better than giving a ****.
Ignore the bull, say hi to me
KuyaMak Feb 3
sleep later
keep going you're doing great
KuyaMak Feb 2
Be yourself
Do things your way
  Feb 2 KuyaMak
All the moments get replayed
Every mistake I've ever made
Flashing through inside my head
Makes me wish I were dead.
Makes me wish I were dead.
KuyaMak Feb 2
I'm back
I'm home again
but it doesn't feel like home anymore
It's awkward
I'm out of place
there are people around me
but I feel alone.
They keep on talking but not with me
I don't know if I pushed them away
or they pushed me.
I don't know whose fault it is.
Is it mine?
Is it yours?
Who should I blame?
This place?
Where am I again?

oh.. I'm home.
KuyaMak Sep 2018
To those people
Who are afraid to change
Who are up to no good
Who are too old and useless

To those who feel worthless
To those who really are worthless
To those who bad mouth their parents
To those who think the world is cruel
To those who are cruel to the world

We all have a role in this game.
Maybe we're not able to see that,
but there is always someone who can see that.
There is always someone who believes in us.
That's Him.
Just trust Him and you'll see,
that this game isn't cruel
when you start believing.
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