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Baby..Let's get away
Pretend that todays a holiday..
Your the perfect get away..
Each moment spent with you..
Baby..Let's get away
Baby..Let's get excited.
Spend all our time away..
Forget all about our privacy
Make today a holiday..
Baby.. let's get away
Make today a Holiday.
The weekend still days away..
Your the perfect get away..
Our weekly get away.. down charcoal gray
Baby..Let's get away.
Pretend todays a holiday..
Bombay & Lemonade.
the perfect get away..
The sun melts into your skin
and I the horizon that melts into you..
Your the perfect get away..
Baby..Let's get away
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
spread your broken wings, dove
flap them countlessly,
take off and forget about me,
you can leave,
i don't mind,
spread your love around my dove,
don't let anything grasp your broken wings once more,
be love.
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
Your voice is the perfect song to listen to on a road trip.
To view all the things that remind me of you.
Miles away from the stress of work.
Your voice, the open road.
Someone I can love, no traffic jam in sight.
The goosebumps from the air on full blast.
To feel love when no love is felt.
A broken down car with someone to help when something is wrong.
The air tastes different, miles away from the city.
A euphoric high.
Your voice a beautiful path.
My phone thrown somewhere in the backseat traveling a scenic road I've never been.
No track of time.
The thing about disease is that you never know until its too late.
It spreads. Becoming infectious.
You've become my relief, my cure.
Your voice like the breeze flowing through my hand.
Your voice the only other sound that could be heard outside of the car and the road.
I've kissed the air a thousand times over.
Driving pass my destination.
Listening to the sound of your voice.
I don't want to move from behind the steering wheel.
What's a couple hundred more miles.
You guiding me pass every exit sign.
Enjoying the ride
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
(oh please, please **** this
take this life, I don't need it
I don't know, what reality is
because I cant see through all of this)

{digital heaven, electron clouds
negative zero, screaming out loud
digital angels, burning in hell
downloading demons, no soul to sell}

(it is time, time for change
it is time, for better things
to get away, to the other side
to fall asleep, and open your third eye)

{getting away now, ascend into blue
digital cancer, the way out is through
through my digital heaven, electron clouds
negative zero, screaming out loud}

(that was once, was once me
it was once, was once us
what we've become, something processed
feeling so numb, take my last breath)

{getting away now, ascend into red
digital healing, waking the dead
getting away now to the other side
breathing in slowly, spun out of my mind}
(Leal) {Noel} ()=Leal {}=Noel

— The End —