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The Walls of Jericho came down tumbling,
they fell onto the ground,
they heaped up dust and rubble
all happened with a sound.
Standing, wrecked, solitaryobserving
as the ruins lay bare forlorn,
I felt my heart like old ways
irretrievably torn,
A new foundation is needed,
pile carefully brick on brick,
building firm on this foundation
because the old walls made me sick.
thank you path humble for sending me your poem You have taken my voice, it hurt me deep, it made me sad, and inspired me to write the above, I have been holding onto trauma a long time, I only realised it was there a year and a half ago, once I saw it I couldn't unsee, now to build a newer me, thanks I think I healed something today.
rk Mar 2020
days are passing and you're disappearing slowly
I laugh at the times where I thought i could never let you go
so much heartbreak sometimes you think you can never move on but the reality is that you do and you will. Love is not nice to everyone and sometimes it grips you deep inside before completely ripping you open and tearing up all your confidence and leaving you fragile and naive. I used to wish you could give me the things I needed I really wished, id pray that one day I wouldn't need those things I was only human. I wanted to be loved the way i wished as a girl and I was becoming a woman settling each time, till i couldn't and it killed me but it was time
it was time to say goodbye
this is a terrible poem, it doesnt match, and it doesnt rhyme but its my brain fumbling in pure ugliness and emotion spilling out everything i feel and not editing it once. This is raw emotion
colzzmacdonald Jul 2017
I was lost to the wilderness
Until you came ~ in you I am found
You gave me hope beyond measure
When you turned my world around

I was sobbing like a child inside
I was oblivious I did not know it
My heart ~ a soldier alone in this war
Wounds heal in love as you show it

Eternity is a step away from freedom
Where we shall garner our harmony
The obscurity of life can't expend
The truthfulness of our destiny

You dance across forever ~ pirouetting
Gracefully releasing all negligence
You glide in my soul echoes of peace
My cacoëthes lost in your elegance

I am home when I am in your arms
I only hope you'll stay by my side
You brighten my days you fill my nights
As dreams of everlong souls abide
colzzmacdonald Jun 2017
This appetite for you is insatiable
The piquant taboo of being together
I cannot explain why I feel this
Mindful opulent sentience
The drive of forbidden desires
On lonely street each day.
There is a light of ferocity
There in your anxious eyes
There’s a lull in the air.
You want to close off
How you feel in your heart
But, my love
There’s no need for your despair

There’s not a minute, hour, day or night
I don’t think of or feel you inside
Even if I shouldn’t be with you
There is a sense I could be
As undoubtedly
It seems to justify why
Being one is more than a feeling
Shouldn't we be alone this way?
I learn more about myself
I am so lost without you
You raise me up
Whenever I fall
You support me in all certainty

It’s hard to explain this connection
The reasons why we can’t turn away
We are in too deep to let it go
We have to dance through the fears.
The comfortable feeling of our life
Distracting by its security.
We found something that is real
The one thing worth taking a chance on
These dreams are not fleeting impulses
They are our guide to what we should do.
I need you because I love you
The music in our hearts will play
Today, tonight, forever and always
Love is real,
Love is real when you feel it,
Love is real when you taste it, say it...
Love is real when you think it,
Love is real when you are loved,
Real love is capitalised!
Never take a chance to cry,
Love is not an argument,
Love is discussed,
Love is real cause Love is us,
Love is open never close to darkness,
Love is embracment from me to you,
Love can't be thru cause its you,
Love is real!
My thoughts on love in a moment of reflecting on how it can be.
Stumbling down, I'd soar the skies
Lost eternally in your eyes
Drowning in an age of sand
I'd be sleeping in your hand
Floating on vast unconquarable sea
Know you will be there with me
& when the air is thin & dry
Id wet your lips with my last sigh

All I know is what I feel
That is why love is real

— The End —